Apple event rumors center around movies

“Apple’s mysterious summons to Cupertino tomorrow has the rumor mill watching the maker of Macs and iPods closely. The smart money is on movies,” Owen Thomas writes for Business 2.0. “Apple has issued a vaguely worded invitation to reporters and analysts, to ‘come see some fun new products’ at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters on Tuesday, February 28. And, not surprisingly, the missive has kicked up a whirlwind of rumors What could Apple CEO Steve Jobs have up his sleeve this time? The Apple rumor mill has been wrong before, but it is a reliable indicator of the products people are hoping for. And right now, the rumors center around movies.”

Thomas writes, “Here’s how Apple might go Hollywood on Tuesday: a true video iPod, an Intel Mac mini, a widescreen iBook, [and/or] an iTunes Movie Store… Summoning Silicon Valley’s press corps down to Cupertino on short notice is a dramatic gesture suggesting that Jobs is preparing to make a big statement. With next-generation video as hot as it is right now, this would be a prime time for him seize the spotlight.”

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  1. i think we are all missing the symbolism in this ad. steve is introducing a new apple pda tomorrow, hence the ical calendar date. apple is going to make pda’s fun again.

    plus we’ll see the intel mac mini.

    pro movie editing apps will be debuted at nab in april.

    the intel ibook will wait and will kick off the school buying season sometime after mid-march.

    that’s my 2¢

  2. Movies…

    As reported several months ago, Apple will be utilizing it’s new caching technology… The movie service will most likely be a rental not a purchase, just like driving down to Blockbuster, except for the fact that you will not have to drive and the movies will never be rented out…

    You will pay 3 or 4 bucks to rent the movie from the iTunes video store. Once selected, it will stream to your computer or television (via a video airport express.) You will only have access to the stream for a 2 day rental period, just like a standard dvd rental..

    Apple will slowly but surely become the king of multimedia while putting the cable companies and blockbusters of the world out of business..

  3. If you get asteroids, I recommend trying shark oil on the afflicted area.

    If it’s iTunes Music Store, then iMovie Video Store? iMedia Digital Store?

    A new pda with built-in mini iLife apps would be cool.

  4. My money is on a revamped Mac Mini. I’ve been using one on my 53″ Sony for several months and it’s lots of fun.

    A larger video iPod is certainly a high possibility, that would be fun.

    I don’t look for Apple to enter video rental business, their model for downloadable movies will be the same except probably twice the cost of TV shows. You’ll be able to keep the file on your computer and your iPod but not burn it to external media (iPod is the media).

    In about 24 hours we’ll all know what the next great gadgets really are. I was going to buy another MacMini last week but postponed my purchase to see what gets revealed on the 28th.

  5. KingMel said:
    “Apple should announce that iTMS now stands for iTunes Media Store. Same great acronym with new video goodness.”

    That sounds like a good catch-all title, it makes sense.

    My wish list: a video iPod that just happens to manage your contacts, iCal, and have handwriting recognition. but it won’t be called a newton or pda.

  6. Aiden – PDA’s won’t be and shouldn’t be marketed as “Fun.” Pda’s are business tools for business professionals.

    Then why aren’t they called PDAs (Business Digital Assistants)? PDA’s aren’t fun because they’re made by companies who don’t know what fun is. And up until now they’ve been very limited in usefulness to business. If Apple makes one it will be fun and useful.

    MW: wish, say no more

  7. Here’s what we are getting tomorrow for sure:

    Intel Mac mini
    iPod “Hi-Fi” Boombox

    Other than that, I don’t couldn’t say. But I would bet alot of money that a video iPod won’t be there.

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