Apple’s iTunes Music Store hits one billion songs sold milestone

Apple Computer, Inc. has just this minute hit the one billion songs milestone in their “iTunes Music Store Billion Songs Coundown.”

As Apple marked thier way to one billion, the music fans who downloaded every 100,000th song (starting at the 950 million mark) received a prize package featuring a black 4GB iPod nano and a $100 iTunes Music Card (good for any media type). The lucky grand-prize winner (currently unknown, stay tuned for the press release) who downloaded the billionth song from the iTunes Music Store, has won a 20-inch iMac, ten 60GB iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes Music Card (good for any media type). In addition, Apple has created a full-ride scholarship in the winner’s name to a world-renowned music school.

The Apple iTunes Music Store Milestones:
• February 23, 2006: 1 billion songs sold.
• February 7, 2006: 950 million songs sold.
• January 9, 2006: 850 million songs sold.
• October 25, 2005: Available in Australia.
• July 17, 2005: 500 million songs sold.
• May 10, 2005: 400 million songs sold. Custom stores for music fans in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
• January 24, 2005: 250 million songs sold.
• December 16, 2004: 200 million songs sold.
• December 2, 2004: Available in Canada.
• October 26, 2004: Available to music lovers in the European Union.
• October 14, 2004: 150 million songs sold.
• July 12, 2004: 100 million songs sold.
• June 15, 2004: Available in UK France Germany.
• April 28, 2004: 70 million songs sold.
• March 15, 2004: 50 million songs sold.
• December 15, 2003: 25 million songs sold.
• October 16, 2003: Available for windows. 13 million songs sold.
• September 8, 2003: 10 million songs sold.
• June 23, 2003: 5 million songs sold.
• May 14, 2003: 2 million songs sold.
• May 5, 2003: One million songs sold.
• April 28, 2003: Launched in United States.

Click here to launch Apple’s iTunes Store.

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  1. “I downloaded a bunch tonight trying to win. No soup for me!”

    I sat down at the computer and started to read my Mac news. The first thing I saw was a headline about iTMS and I said, “Oh yeah! It’s gonna hit a billion tonight. I guess I’ll check it. The counter read 999,992,000 or so. I waited until it hit 999,998,000 and then started hitting the buy button on the stuff in my shopping cart.

    Hey! My phone’s ringing! Maybe it’s Steve… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

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