Apple could more than double Mac shipments in 2006, return to world’s top five computer brands club

“Thanks to the projected sales boom of Apple Computer Inc. for this year, Taiwan’s leading contract computer manufacturers, including Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Quanta Computer Inc., and Asustek Computer Inc., are expected to enjoy growing orders from the U.S. computer giant,” China Economic News Service (CENS) reports. “Insiders indicated that the total sales volume of Apple’s desktop and notebook personal computers (PCs) is likely to challenge 10 million units for this year, which may help the company return to the world’s ‘top five computer brands’ club… Last year Apple sold about 4.8 million PCs, up 35% from the corresponding volume of a year earlier, and is ambitious to boost the volume to 10 million PCs this year.”

CENS reports, “The statistics compiled by International Data Corp. (IDC) showed that Apple shipped around 2.2 million notebook PCs last year, with 70% of which [were] iBook models. Since Asustek is Apple’s key contractor for iBook PCs, it is expected to deliver three million notebook PCs for Apple this year; and Quanta is estimated to ship a total of two million desktop and notebook PCs to Apple.”

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  1. Apple is a significant percentage in the industry…

    Apart from Dell at around 16% marketshare, there is no other computer manufacturer with more than a single digit marketshare…

    Apple is definitely in the ballpark with 4.2%, and actually larger than many PC manufacturers..

  2. Apple better be very very agreesive this year, because once Vista arrives installed on new chepaer PC’s, with better security and eye candy, Mac sales will suffer significantly.

    Why? Because compatability will be the issue.

    “Everyone uses Windows”

    You see Apple only had the advantage while Windows was a ugly, insecure POS.

    Windows still has the dominate market share and this tends to feed on itself, growing and squeezing out any alternatives because there will be no reason for them to switch to a Mac.

    If Vista is secure and pleasant to use, I see a lot of Mac users switching, just for all the software alone. Not to mention jobs in IT.

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but M$ is no dummy, just slow that’s all.

  3. Sorry, but that’s just buisness, and buisness is competitive.

    How does Apple keep competitive against a better Windows product?

    The new security on Vista actually beats Mac OS X.

    I just don’t want to see Apple lose, so I question.

  4. ignoring MacDude….ZZZZ…. ZZZZ… ZZZZ..

    Yeah, your good at pushing buttons and trying to start a flame, but I won’t give you the satisfaction of a reply…

    I tell you what though, If you really think that Vista security beats OSX, then go ahead and buy a PC and run Vista…

    We won’t mind… Really we won’t..

    Ignoring MacDude ZZZZ…..ZZZZ….ZZZZ

  5. I’ll admit something though, if Vista is secure, my next (and first) purchase will most likely be a PC.

    I have never owned a PC, because Mac’s were always so much better and reliable. Also more ‘flexible” concerning DRM schemes.

    With Trusted Computing on both platforms, it doesn’t really matter anymore, it’s not our machines.

    But with all things being equal, the availability of software becomes a issue.

    It’s pretty bleak on our end, only having a few good 3D games is certainly a issue.

  6. I’m sorry to those who think I’m trying to flame, it just seems to me that Apple is quickly running out of competitive advantages.

    Of course if Vista is insecure I definatly will stick with a Mac.

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