RUMOR: Apple to unleash 17-inch MacBook Pro by June

“Apple Computer plans to unleash a 17-inch version of its MacBook Pro professional notebook by the time its World Wide Developers Conference rolls around in June,” Katie Marsal and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider. “The new flagship model, which will based around a 17-inch widescreen display and feature at least a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor, is expected to round-out Apple’s MacBook Pro product line.”

“Despite optimism from some of Apple’s current 12-inch PowerBook customers, a 12-inch MacBook Pro model has yet to surface on Apple’s product roadmap, reliable sources have told AppleInsider,” Marsal and Jade report. “There remains the possibility that the high-end Apple notebook could be pushed out the door a bit earlier this Spring. Recent reports indicate that the developmental progress of 17-inch MacBook Pro is on par with that of Apple’s Intel-based iBooks, which are widely rumored for a release by April.”

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  1. forgive me ignorance, but how come that everytime there’s a storm in the U.S – there are power outages? I’ve lived in Sweden, France and Germany and have yet to experience a power down caused by a storm – let alone 120.000 people being hit.

  2. Apple needs to find a way to put two hard drives (SATA) in the 17″ so you have the flexibility of having more storage or, faster disk performance by setting up a mirror raid.

    Since it is a Pro machine and also that would be the differentiating factor
    between the 15″ MBP and the 17″.

  3. I live up on a mountain in the very heart of the apennines chain, in a Canada-like weather condition (currently 50 cm of snow and -10 in celtius).
    Our lines are only above surface.
    I have never ever experienced a power loss in 40 years…

  4. The Wawas reference was my first clue as to MDN’s location. They don’t operate their markets farther than the distance a truck can drive in one day (so that their dairy et al remains fresh). This is mere icing on the cake. Ha!

    MDN magic word: trying, as in I’m still trying to determine exactly what city they inhabit.

  5. Apple, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a 12″ MacBook Pro. I absolutely love my 12″ PowerBook. The size is perfect. A 15″ laptop is too big to take places where I take my 12″ PowerBook. For example, on an airplane, the 12″ PowerBook is PERFECT.

    So, PLEASE do release a 12″ MacBook Pro!!!

    I have 3 friends in the same situation. (I was the convincing factor in them getting 12″ PowerBooks.) They all feel the same way I do, and I suspect that many others do, too.

  6. Erika,

    You don’t get power outages, but every once in a while someone strays too close to one of those massive transformers and ZAP!

    Also, your system is more expensive to build and maintain.

    Also, those countries are about the size of a large STATE here.

    The Edison electricity grid is far superior than the Tesla system, anywhere and any day of the week.

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