Apple Computer may set up tech support center in India

“Apple Computer is planning to set up a technical support center in Karnataka on the lines of the one which Dell has in India. Director of Software Technology Parks of India, Bangalore, B V Naidu gave no details on investment and hiring plans noting that it’s for the company to make an announcement in this regard,” The Press Trust of India reports.

Karnataka is a state in Southern India. Bangalore is a city within Karnataka which is best known for its tech industry.

Full article here.

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  1. I don’t have any idea how this could possibly be a worse move for Apple. The India call centers for support have rendered horrible customer feedback for Dell, Cingular Wireless, and many more. This is not a wise “cost-saving” measure at all.

  2. I’m pretty sure they already route some calls to an Indian centre; either that or I am speaking to Indians in some other country with quite strong regional accents. I have no problem with this as long as they are competent, and of course the people answering with British and American accents don’t always score top marks for this either.

  3. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, this would probably not save a few bucks… it would probably be millions upon millions per year. However, if this is true, I absolutely hate this decision. The best thing about apple support is that every time you call you know you are going to speak to someone who actually knows how to speak the english lanuage, and does not have an accent that could kill a cow.


  4. Oh no! I have a Dell laptop and their tech support is the absolute worst. Not only is the information bad, it’s hard to understand with tech supports thick accents. Bad information + bad communication = horrible support.

  5. It’s a shame to see they’re selling out too. Dell and Microsoft’s customer service has gone to hell since moving their operations to India, and I’m sure Apple’s will follow suit as well. Companies should keep their customer service regional for their customers. There is no excuse for having to call halfway around the world for help with a problem and creating a major language barrier between the customer and the support staff. If you live in India, you should speak to a support person in India. If you live in Europe, it should be someone in Europe, etc.

  6. The use of Intel chips, the beginning (maybe) of whatever those bad things are that infect Windoze, and now overseas tech support. Well, its been a great 20 years. I just hope I’m overly pessimistic.

  7. Let it be known that you don’t like this.

    Think of the beautifully labeled “Made In California”.

    You slam everyone else with emails that say the
    slightest thing negative about Apple, slam Apple
    about this. This is absolute doo-doo.

  8. Horrible idea! Indian support centers have bad track record. Apple should know better!

    They should talk to the Governor of NC about tax breaks to build here – cheaper labor than California and a skilled native english speaking base of tech workers!

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