Apple’s Mac OS X 10.4.4 for Intel cracked

The hacking guru Maxxuss has announced preliminary patches for Apple’s latest release of OS X for Intel, version 10.4.4. According to his website,

This is a preliminary release of my Patch Solution for the official Mac OS X on the Intel platform. Ultimately, it would allow you to run this Mac OS X release on a generic x86 computer (SSE2 required). There’s still a lot of work and documentation to do, like support for SSE2-only CPUs, a proper installation procedure and a PPF patch. However, if you like to play around, this will get you started.

“The significance of this event is huge. While many users were able to run OSx86 on their PCs last summer, the general feeling was that Apple hadn’t implemented their final security solution. That much was true,” The OSx86 Project reports. “Onlookers have told us that 10.4.4 is a serious step forward in security, utilizing many of the same technologies as the 10.4.1 and 10.4.3, as well as the obfuscated code that Apple filed a patent for a few months ago.Few expected this final version – or at least the version that shipped with the first Macintels – to be easy to hack. What this means is that Apple’s best attempts to secure their OS have, ultimately, failed.”

Full article with links here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Since_IIci” for the heads up.]
(Cue ominous music) Is the Dvorak Theory coming true?

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  1. Yeah. This is great. The Russian hacking guru Maxxuss has hacked OSX. We can now install it on every PC.

    So that the Russian hacking guru Maxxuss can collect our credit card and bank details every time we use the machine.

    You’re really going to trust this guy? Anyone who does this deserves to have their bank account drained.

  2. All software should be free, all food should be free, all healthcare should be free, all housing should be free, all education should be free.

    We should be all free to pursue are own natural talents without worry of money. Imagine the society we would have, the peace we would have.

    All for one and one for all.

  3. It seems every time someone trumpets that they have hacked OS X to work on non Apple x86 machines, there is always the caveat of “some work still needs to be done. drivers to fix etc”? I thought ‘running’ meant booted up and usable for real work. Not just getting a half-assed desktop to limp onto the stage.

  4. Mark,

    Where would all the software developers, farmers, doctors, nurses, construction tradespersons, and teachers come from? Wouldn’t they all be persuing other natural talents? Maybe we would have unliimited poets, artists, musicians, sex therapists…..

    the peace we would have. (Total and absolute chaos)

    (And I’m not intending to insult those in the arts… they earn a living too

  5. What concerns me the most is the misconception that Average Joe will get from headlines saying Mac OS X was “hacked”, not understanding that this means people who have more time and knowledge than Joe AVg does, have been able to get OS X to run on hardware that isi identical to a Mac (at least the specs on the inside.)

    The typical layperson will think that Mac OS X is just as easy to break into as a Windows PC, and that a flood of badware is right around the corner.

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