Sticky Windows 1.2.1 released; extends tabbed browsing experience to Mac OS X Desktop

Sticky Windows is a utility for Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4 which extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop. Sticky Windows transforms your windows into tabs when you drag a window towards the edge of your screen. Providing you with a completely clutter-free workspace. By clicking on the tab the user can show and hide the window. Sticky Windows is $14.95 shareware.

The tab can be created by dragging a window on the left or the bottom or the right side of the main screen. Each tab displays the window title as well as the associated application icon. The tab’s icon provides a contextual menu which offers some useful commands (show/hide window, close tab, switch).

Sticky Windows is shareware. However you can use it without any features being blocked to fully evaluatie its capabilities.

More detailed information on the application (944 KB) can be found here:

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  1. Just minimize a window (yellow dot) and it turns into an icon on the right side of your dock. OS X already has a more elegant solution than this new product (at least based on the description here).
    Am I missing something?

  2. For tabbed chat, Adium for OSX is great. Supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ all at the same time.. one buddy list, and a cute little ducky icon.

    It seems to have trouble w/ file transfers though. So I keep iChat on the dock, too.

  3. Andy C: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. This is an attempt to bring back OS9 functionality. But that functionality has been replaced by far better solutions. Myself, I use DragThing and have a dock with all of my most commonly used folders in it. Or you can just drag them down to the OS X dock. This is a solution looking for a problem.

  4. I like it! It looks kind of cool. I’ll give it a try. Seems like this board likes to knock anyone and everyone who creates a utility for OS X. To me, this looks more useful than minimizing windows to the dock, because when you do that, you just have a bunch of thumbnails with no names so it’s hard to tell which window is which.

  5. I just downloaded it and tabbed some Word files…when I opened them again it was not possible to use the cursor to grab and move the file. I’m using 10.4.4

    I’ll be interested to know if anybody else experiences the same problem.

  6. obviously none of you have read beyond this article – or tried it.

    Goes way beyond the dock
    works great
    tabs disappear when you aren’t accessing them

    been using it for a few weeks and I like it
    I do wish it was a part of the finder

    Check it out before you castigate…

    MDN = change – as in, Are you all afraid of a little change?

  7. How many MDN readers get all up in arms when somebody writes the smallest inaccuracies about Apple/Mac/iPod stuff without having done their homework.

    At the very least, the software put out by this company is compelling. At the most, it is no less than sheer genius. I tried out every one of their apps and as soon as I got paid, they got paid… for ALL of them. The Pentabundle is an unbeatable value at $39.95.. DockFun beats DragThing for simplicity, Filegazer is amazing–watch a movie or preview just about any file in a MENU guys– Cunning Fox.. stop apps without quitting them to optimize performance– Sticky windows beats tiny, anonymous folders in the dock– and I’m just starting to learn what a RAM disk can do!!

    It’s fully functional shareware. Check out each product page, download, and use this stuff for a week. I dare you not to be impressed.

    PS. I am on disability and don’t have much money.

  8. You don’t really need tabbed wndows. If you drag a finder window to almost disappear off the edge of your screen, and then drag and drop a file into the exposed edge of the window, the whole window will automatically move into view, and then move back once the operation is done.


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