Oxford Analytica: Apple Macs likely to become increasing popular for home users

“Over the past 18 months, Apple Computer has introduced the concept of podcasting on an enormous scale. While in itself this was not a new method for delivering digital content over the Internet, when combined with growth in the popularity of Apple hardware and the success of its iTunes software, it may signal a shift in the market for digital entertainment and home computing,” Oxford Analytica reports. “The iPod has helped Apple recover from a battle it largely lost with Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people ) and the PC industry. While it accounts for only around 5% of desktop and laptop users, the popularity of the iPod may fuel rising demand for its other systems. Podcasting is possible with both PCs and Apple computers”

However, Apple [Mac] systems are likely to become increasing popular for home users for various of reasons:
• Security issues that have plagued Microsoft in recent years tend not to affect Apple software.
• Apple has always led the way in the design of computer hardware and software.
• Apple’s design approach ensures ease of use and hardware/software compatibility for consumers.

More in the article summary via Forbes (with link to extended article) here.

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  1. Security issues that have plagued Microsoft in recent years tend not to affect Apple software.

    tend = frequently behave in a particular way

    There they go again, avoiding calling a spade a spade. This sentence is just about as misleading as the one above (if you didn’t know better):

    Booster rocket seal problems that have plagued the shuttle in recent years tend not to affect the Suzuki Verona.

  2. The article has an error. Apple did not introduce the “podcasting” concept or the term.

    Apple jumped on to other’s people work and created facilities in iTunes and GarageBand for podcasting. By placing it into iTunes, it did help to fuel widespread acceptance.

  3. Alan Shore,

    but MDN thinks ‘different’ like
    the illiterates at Apple Computer not ‘differently’ like those of us who were fortunate enough to have gone to school.
    I used to have an AppleT-shirt in the nineties with ‘think different’ on it; to which I added: ‘but speak proper’.

  4. Charko,

    “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” is probably the greatest marketing slogan of all time . . . albeit a solecism. Apple’s “supposed” error in grammar garnered a great deal of attention as well, did it not? (It certainly garnered YOURS!)

    Actually, “Think Different” is a wonderful example of an elliptical construction, the missing word being “thoughts” or word of similar implication.

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