Apple continues to lead 1394 Trade Association in 2006

Representatives from a world-class set of consumer electronics, computer and semiconductor companies will lead the 1394 Trade Association in 2006, following elections for the organization’s nine-member board last week. Industry leaders Apple Computer, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Agere, and Oxford Semiconductor will hold seats on the new board.

Eric Anderson of Apple Computer was re-elected board chairman. Sam Liu of Newnex will serve as vice chairman.

Board members also include Dave Thompson of Agere Systems, who will serve as the 1394 Trade Association secretary; Michael Scholles of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, who was named editor and Chief Technical Officer; Mark Slezak of Microsoft; Jalil Oraee of Oxford Semiconductor, who is the chief financial officer; Jack Chaney of Samsung; Fred Speckeen of TC Group; and Zeph Freeman of Texas Instruments.

“The members of this 2006 board reflect the wide influence and broad applications of the IEEE 1394 standard,” said James Snider, executive director in a statement. “We have leadership and representation from a very broad range of markets, including consumer electronics, computers, peripherals, audio, and industrial. We anticipate a strong year for the standard, and excellent leadership from this diverse group.”

The 1394 Trade Association is a global organization dedicated to the advancement and proliferation of the IEEE 1394 standard in the consumer electronics, computer, peripherals, automotive, industrial, and other markets. For more information, visit:

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  1. A guy in a sandwich shop told me, “that’s just because there’s a wireless FW1600 hidden in each northbridge channel for a total of 3.2GB/s wireless bandwidth direct to the memory subsystem.”

    Apple just doesn’t have the software ready to announce it. So don’t worry.

  2. Yeh-heh-hehessssss . . . a guy at a truck stop told me de other day that this is what Mark Slezak from Microsoft looks like after he gets home and his wife peels him out of his “makeup”:

    Yeh-heh-hesssssssssss . . . good times.

  3. is because

    a) Intel’s chipset that Apple used only supports FW400 for now


    b) By the time MacBook pro ships, FW800 ExpressCards will be on the market anyway,

    It is NOT a “sign” of anything, other than the fact that most people don’t (yet) use 800.

    Just like no FW on iPods is not a “sign” of anything other than the fact that most iPod owners don’t need it.

    Apple is as committed to FW as much as they ever were and there was NEVER any evidence otherwise, just made-up rumors. Otherwise how could iMovie be used??

  4. I’m happy that FW is going to continue to be pushed. I am upset that the new iPods are not FW compatible, though. My G4 iMac has FW and USB 1.0. I can’t use a Nano or any of the newer iPods because they don’t support firewire. I have to wait until I get my Intel iMac to get a new iPod, I guess.

  5. I think the loss of FW800 in the MacBook has more to do with Steve’s desire to release an Intel-based laptop in 7 months rather than 12 months. Redesigning the board to incorporate FW800 was just going to slow things down for a small benefit to the Mac using community, especially given that FW800 functionality can be added in later with a Express34 card.

    I expect a FW800 port on the 17″ when it comes out, because Apple will have had time to redesign the formfactor.

  6. Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems!! That’s a mouthful! Are you sure that’s a real company, because it sounds a lot like the Zephram Cochrane Institute for Warp Physics to me!

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