Waterproof and drop-resistant OtterBox released for Apple iPod, iPod nano

Otter Products, LLC. has released the OtterBox for Apple’s video-capable iPod and OtterBox for iPod nano, two additions to the interactive, virtually indestructible line of iPod cases. These cases are waterproof and drop-resistant.

Now iPod video and nano users can take their iPods hiking, biking, to the gym, beach, on vacation and more, Suggested retail is $49.95 for the OtterBox for iPod video and $39.95 for the nano case.

“The OtterBox for iPod allows iPod users to take their music, photos and movies anywhere without fear of damaging their valuable technology,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC in the press release. “These cases completely transform delicate iPods into rugged devices.”

Similar to others in the OtterBox for iPod line, the video and nano cases offer an interactive membrane for Click Wheel access and a hard screen cover to shield the display. Rubber lining inside the case cradles the iPod and a secure-close latch adds extra protection.

Cases also allow the use of any style headphone and when combined with waterproof headphones, they can even go swimming. Each case includes a belt clip for easy carrying and optional armbands are available for $14.95.

Otter Products, LLC. offers a complete line of cases for the 20GB, photo, mini and shuffle. Other products include protective cases for PDAs, laptops, Tablet PCs, and other valuables.

For more information visit http://www.otterbox.com

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