First look at Apple’s new iWeb application

“It is very important that any potential buyers know exactly what iWeb is. It is an application for creating personal websites. Now, this personal website can easily include pictures, slide shows of pictures, movies, podcast and of course, any documentation you feel like publishing. Furthermore, if you have a .Mac subscription, you will be able to get much more out of this software than if you don’t subscribe. It is heavily tied into Apple’s online service. So, if you already have a .Mac subscription then this application should be much more appealing to you. If you don’t, then you need to seriously examine whether or not this applications limited feature set is worth the money,” James R. Stoup writes for Apple Matters. “IWeb is NOT a general purpose website creation application. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is a scaled down version of Dreamweaver, as it most definitely is not. This application is designed to publish personal websites either to .Mac or to a folder to be used via another hosting service.”

Stoup writes, “This new application is ideal for anyone who meets the following criteria:
• has little to no experience designing webpages
• doesn’t mind spending $100 a year for a .Mac subscription
• won’t mind giving up lots of creative control in exchange for the ability to easily and rapidly create a slick looking site”

“If you fall into this category (and a lot of users will) then iWeb might be for you. I must admit, it does look very good. And it is remarkably easy to operate. You can open this program for the first time (and assuming you already have all of your picture. music and movies ready to go plus you already have .Mac) and in 30 minutes or less have a brand new website. This is one of the simplest Apple programs I have ever used,” Stoup writes.

Full article here.

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  1. Can anyone offer any comparisons with RealMac Software’s RapidWeaver? RapidWeaver is extremely easy to use and there are a number of websites that offer many freely downloadable themes.

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that Apple has released something similar in the shape of iWeb; I’m just wondering if iWeb is compelling enough to get me to switch to it.

  2. >>If you don’t, then you need to seriously examine whether or not this applications limited feature set is worth the money.

    Ummm…what money? iWeb is not sold separately from iLife. It’s just a bonus thrown in. The price of iLife has not increased even after the inclusion of iWeb. If you want the latest GarageBand, iMovie and iDVD, you’re going to get iWeb too.

  3. It’s definitely a 1.0 piece of software. It crashes more than any Apple app I’ve ever used, but not enough to make it unusable. I just save a lot. Yes, I removed Flip4Mac out of my system. iWeb is still a work in progress.

  4. I think everybody understands that iWeb isn’t a Dreamweaver.

    I’ll take it for $79.00 any day because I prefer to use the extras that come with iWeb…iDVD, iMovie HD, GarageBand and iPhoto.

  5. James R. Stoup say’s “a link to that page is inserted at the top of every page in your website.”

    this is NOT can remove all links that normally appear upto and only leave one link or title..standard .Mac homepage works like how he describes above…did everyone know that .Mac homepage is very different from iWeb?

    done on iWeb…still working on final touches.

  6. I think it’s easier to use than RapidWeaver. I’m not an RW pro, but I feel like you can achieve the same things on iWeb without the need of downloading themes because each page is so customizable. Many people that are complaining about iWeb’s shortcomings haven’t really played with it enough yet.

    The biggest downside to the program? There is no ability to comment on the blogs. That, to me, was a huge oversight on Apple’s part.

  7. I haven’t used all the apps, but my impression from reading the descriptions:

    Newbie, want major iLife integration: Use iWeb (if you have iLife 06, you already own it)

    Want more freedom, options: Try RapidWeaver

    Templates! Yuck! I’ll make my own: Go Dreamweaver

    WSIWYG editing is for amateurs! I write code, dude: Have a look at BBEdit

  8. Actually, I wasn’t aware that I could use it to build content with any page–I thought it was .Mac-only.

    I was thinking about iLife ’06. I didn’t buy iLife ’05–nothing really compelling–but iLife ’06 has some fun stuff in it that I’d like to play with. I thought iWeb would be interesting, but I’m not going to shell-out the extra $79 for dot-Mac.

    Maybe I’ll stop at CompUSA on the way home and see if they have it…

  9. my only gripe about iWeb..

    can’t update already posted website..instead, I have to republish it…sometimes killing my domain link and my .mac service…otherwise, useful tool.

  10. I think that iWeb is great for a lot of applications. From what I gathered about iWeb that you don’t have to have .Mac to create and publish a web site.
    Would someone check that out for me?


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