So many ways to win with Apple: video and music and Macs, oh my!

“For nearly three years, I’ve been writing that there are so many ways to win with Apple and that iTunes will displace Wal-Mart as the largest retailer of music on the planet. It looks like this will happen before the end of 2006. While Wall Street’s having a cow over Apple’s recent 20% top-line upside preannouncement and the news that it shipped 14 million iPods, the real story for Apple is truly, simply, digital downloads,” Cody Willard writes for “Apple’s just barely begun offering video downloads. It’s maybe sold 5 million video-enabled iPods thus far. So what happens when Apple’s video iPod hits critical mass? Say, when 10 million people have a video iPod? And what happens when Apple offers enough video content on iTunes that it hits critical mass? Say, 5,000 different shows and movies? And what happens when Apple’s hardware fully integrates into your living room home theater system?”

“Do you see where all this is headed? The three won’t work together incrementally. We’re looking at exponential growth. And strategically for Apple, we’re looking at de facto standardization around its video platform. Oh my,” Willard writes. “Meanwhile, of course, there’s that little business of music. Three million song downloads per day in the fourth quarter. And that was before those 14 million iPods had been opened under the Christmas tree at the end of the quarter… Finally, of course, there’s that other little business of Apple’s called computers. With the Intel platform rolled out a full five months ahead of schedule, we’re going to see some big market-share gains this year. Even getting to 5% market share for Apple would entail nearly a doubling of its computer sales. Oh my, indeed. There are just so many ways to win with Apple. I’m sticking with it.”

Full article here.

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  1. This guy has said what I’ve been thinking– Apple has created a self-perpetuating system that can grow for a along time to come. And, by executing things well, it is actually ready for that growth! Yay for my retirement portfolio.

  2. Love the Apple, but I want to see higher def downloads first and also the ability to burn my own DVD’s from that download. Then I’ll consider it part of my daily purchasing options.

  3. When my wife asked me to sell off Apple stock a few years ago, I made the same sort of arguments for keeping it. We kept the stock.

    I saw Apple building not just products, but an architecture for capturing the heart and much of the meat of the consumer electronics market. The computer, music, and video are all part of that architecture and with Job’s experience and knowledge of Hollywood — through Pixar — he would know what to do with it.

    This is a good article. This guy gets it.

  4. Just as there is a ‘spiral of death’ downwards for some companies once bad news spreads leading to more bad news (and very hard to break out of e.g. Napster, Dell), there seems to be an opposite ‘spiral of growth’ for successful companies too.

  5. I think today’s down turn for AAPL had more to do with the general crapiness of the market today. On my ticker widget every single stock I follow was red today, including the dow which lost 63 points. I don’t think there were any especially bad feeling about apple.

  6. Unbelievable….this is getting ridiculous – they’re all starting to say what us nutters on MDN have been saying for a long time…!

    From beleagured to lovefest in two short years.

  7. I like that I’m a “nutter.”

    We’re like the crazy guy on the street corner that keeps yelling out (seemingly)misguided, faith based statements about this or that.

    Except everyone’s starting to believe us.


  8. @RealityCheck: That site you referred us is no big deal (though I’m sure they do a good and useful job).

    This link shows you were the action really is, and where administrators need to take ‘immediate action’ every other week to avoid the next catastrophe:

    It’s very useful for Windows promoters to have articles which promote Mac users as smug because it helps to sow doubts about Mac security.

    Journalists will get the message eventually: Mac is not the risk, Windows is.

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