Deutsche Bank hikes Apple Computer target price to $100

Deutsche Bank Securities analysts have reiterated their “buy” rating on Apple Computer (AAPL)and raised their target price to $100 from $78.

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  1. I don’t get this exactly. I was very disappointed to see that Apple brought out 2 new Intel processor based Macs that are in no way enabled to run Windows apps side by side with OS X based apps. This is a major oversight that will really hurt Apple unless some hacker takes this as a “Developer Opportunity”. Apple didn’t make the system ready to boot Windows in a partition and Microsoft has no plans to update Virtual PC for the Intel based platform (of course). This means that although you could run Windows apps that are not available on OS X in Virtual PC on the PowerPC based Macs, you cannot run them on the new Intel based Macs. That has huge consequences: Anyone that is forced to run any Windows app at any time, can no longer use his Mac to do so. That will turn a lot of serious Mac users off for the new Intel based Macs. Very disappointing indeed because there are situations were running Windows based apps is the only solution. I wonder what happens with the AAPL stock price if people start finding out that their new Macs don’t have any ability to do so.

  2. @ Tony
    The AAPL stock price will keep going up and more third part developers will continue to develop 3rd part apps for Apple’s intel platform. I am sure that in the very near future a hack will be created allowing XP to run on OSX although. The main place that I could see this being a requirement if at all would be in the corporate environment with the IT staff wanting to run certain company specific proprietary software in XP on OSX.

  3. What the Deutsche Bank analysts know about Apple Computer Inc. can be written on the back of a postage stamp.

    They’re hopeless, and here they’re just following a trend.

    The trend:- Analysts, worlwide, have slowly realized how conservative their estimates have been in recent years. They’ve quoted ‘goals’ for AAPL and they’ve often been overtaken by the end of the week – making them often look as silly as … well … analysts.
    So now they’re all trying to avoid this and are increasing their estimates.
    If their estimates are a little more accurate this time round, it’ll be more by accident than design.
    Things haven’t changed – with a few exceptions, they know very little of what they’re talking about.

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