Apple applies for ‘Mobile Me’ trademark

“Apple Computer last week asked the United States Patent and Trademark Office to grant it a trademark on the term ‘Mobile Me,'” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “On January 5th, the company made four separate filings on the term, covering a broad range of technologies and services.”

Marsal reports that the first filing describes Mobile Me as a computing device, the second filing covers the digital audio space, the third filing relates Mobile Me to a consumer electronics portable device, and the fourth covers Mobile Me as telecommunication services.

Full article with descriptions of the four separate filings here.

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They haven’t even cooled down, yet, but fire up the rumor mills!

MacBook Pro. The first Mac notebook built upon Intel Core Duo with iLife ’06, Front Row and built-in iSight. Starting at $1999. Free shipping.
iMac. Twice as amazing — Intel Core Duo, iLife ’06, Front Row media experience, Apple Remote, built-in iSight. Starting at $1299. Free shipping.
iMac and MacBook Pro owners: Apple USB Modem. Easily connect to the Internet using dial-up service. $49.00.
iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. Just $49.
iPod. 15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video. The new iPod. 30GB and 60GB models start at just $299. Free shipping.
Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable. Just $19.


  1. Again:

    Mobile Darwin
    Mobile OS X
    Mobile Spotlight
    Mobile Mail
    Mobile iCal
    Mobile Safari
    Mobile iChat
    Mobile Calculator
    Mobile Quicktime

    Why Apple would not stake a claim in the Mobile OS war that Windows Mobile and Linux are fighting for is beyond me. Palm is now owned by Access (NTT DoCoMo).

  2. There really is no such thing as “Centrino technology”, so you can’t think of Apple’s patent application in relation to that.

    “Centrino” is just a sticker they put on the outside of a laptop that has a Pentium-M processor and an Intel-branded radio. If your radio is any of a godzillion possible brands besides Intel, or your processor happens to be an AMD and your radio is Intel, no snazzy “Centrino” sticker on the outside, and you often save $100 or more because of it.

    Your computer functions the same either way. It doesn’t care who made your processor as long as it’s x86 compatible, and it doesn’t care about who made your radio as long as it’s 802.11b/g compatible. “Centrino” is just a brand, a product exclusively from Intel’s marketing, not engineering, department.

    Pentium M processor + Intel branded radio = Centrino

    Pentium M processor – Intel branded radio = Not Centrino

  3. It has to be just a matter of time, before apple gets in on the mobile game. with the switch to intel most probably holding them up. but im sure they have designs already. i really beleive apple is going to introduce a pda yype device that is going to blow people away.
    on a side note though, who likes the design of the macbook pro? i think they sholdve gone with black, and sharper edges to it. but i think ill have to wait until i see one in the flesh. as its hard to gauge on screen. just not blown away by it. and i was expecting to be blown away. put it this way, when i first saw it, there wasnt a ‘ im getting one of these come hell or high water’ thoughts, liek there was when i first saw the G5, of even the imac lamp model. it jut doesnt push the boundaries.

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