Top 10 Mac OS X peeves

“Familiarity breeds contempt, right? So it stands to reason that anyone who uses a product extensively can find fault with it. Owen Linzmayer is no exception: His work requires him to use Mac OS X every day, all day long,” Informit reports. “Although Owen is generally thrilled with its capabilities and reliability, some things about Mac OS X really drive him up the wall. Take a gander at his list of 10 pet peeves; then share your own!”

Linzmayer’s Top Ten List:
1. Dock Items Bounce Indefinitely
2. Programs Force Themselves to the Forefront
3. Trashed Items Cant Be Opened
4. Software Update Off-Limits to Third-Parties
5. Dashboard Widgets are Modal
6. Painful Pinwheel Pauses
7. Permission Roadblocks
8. Exposing Package Contents is Confusing
9. Dumb Deleting
10. Sidebar Items Cant Be Renamed

Linzmayer explains each of his ten peeves in the full article here.

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  1. 1. Turn it off.
    3. Take it out of the trash
    6. Upgrade/ stop being so impatient, they only last a second or two
    7. Let’s see: ask for permission every time you mess with a system critical preference or install a piece of software, or be like windows and let things install themselves. I’d rather not have a bunch of spyware/viruses on my system, thank you very much.
    8. If you’re an idiot
    9. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve hit “delete” on a windows machine, only to yell SHIT! as a piece of critical time consuming data is lost forever. I think having to drag something to the trash ensures that I only delete what I really want to get rid of. It’s like of like the “asking for permission” thing.

    When it comes right down to it, I think this guy is just too impatient to realize the benefits of having all of these safeguards in place.

  2. How about…
    1. Like Mac OS 6 (the first one I used), windows can only be resized from the lower right corner.
    2. Font management, even with “professional” 3rd party tools still sucks ass.
    3. I get more crashes under Tiger than I have with any OS since OS 9.
    4. A network drive that goes offline, like say my laptop going to sleep, can freeze up my machine while it searches for that drive. Grrr…
    5. I still can’t load an FTP drive in the Finder like I can any other network drive with read-write privileges appropriate to my user ID. BTW don’t tell me I can load an FTP drive, I know that, I cannot use that drive FULLY.
    6. The Force Quit dialog doesn’t have a button to open the Activity Monitor.
    7. Renaming songs in iTunes 6.0.1 gives me frequent kernel panics. Arrrrgh…
    8. Safari still beachballs on my new G5 Dual. Like when I was typing this message.
    9. I don’t want anything setting Preview as it’s default Open With… application. No matter how many times I thought I’ve fixed this issue, a file will show up with a Preview icon. Grrr…
    10. If you crash, you lose all updates to your Dock.
    11. I can’t run the latest in Viruses, Adware, and Spyware. Oh wait. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  3. For those of you questioning “Permissions Roadblocks”, I guess you’re the types who DON’T open Disk Utility and run “Repair Permissions” before running Software Update.

  4. 1. Dock Items Bounce Indefinitely
    — Never experienced this

    2. Programs Force Themselves to the Forefront
    — Never experienced this, this is a horrible Windows issue though

    3. Trashed Items Cant Be Opened
    — Same as Windows

    4. Software Update Off-Limits to Third-Parties
    — This is for a reason

    5. Dashboard Widgets are Modal
    — I find many useful

    6. Painful Pinwheel Pauses
    — Rarely experience this

    7. Permission Roadblocks
    — Never experienced this

    8. Exposing Package Contents is Confusing
    — Not really, much easier than “Program Files” and “Documents and Settings” and the .NET assembly folder dlls all over the place

    9. Dumb Deleting
    — ???

    10. Sidebar Items Cant Be Renamed
    — Who cares

  5. and some other pet peeves of my own.

    Like why don’t Dock folders springload open when you hover over them or hit space bar while dragging an icon? Sidebar icons do this! Regular icons do this! Dock icons don’t. (And Finder toolbar icons don’t either–if you ever bothered sticking a folder up there.)

    OS X is a great OS, and here’s how to make it better:

    1. Discuss what you think should be improved and don’t flame people about it.

    2. Don’t skip the most important step:

  6. The worst, drives-you-nuts, inexcusable problem… for dual-monitor setups or more… having to mouse over to the main monitor to access menus. This sort of menu deal makes sense when you use one monitor, but is an amazingly awful thing to deal with in multi-monitor setups.

    There are some aspects of the XP “finder” I’d like to see in the Mac Finder.

    OSX looks a bit cartoonish. How about some skins or more themes?

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