Burst.com plans countersuit against Apple alleging iPod, iTunes patent infringement

“Apple Computer has asked a federal court to determine that Burst.com’s allegations of patent infringement are invalid,” Dawn Kawamoto reports for CNET News. “‘In late 2005, in at least one written communication, Burst.com’s attorneys threatened litigation against Apple,’ the complaint states. ‘Apple denies that any of the patents in (the) suit are or have been infringed by Apple and disputes their validity.’ Burst.com, in response to Apple’s complaint, said it plans to file a countersuit alleging patent infringement related to the iPod and iTunes, as well as to Apple’s QuickTime software. A representative for Apple noted: ‘Unfortunately, we have been unable to resolve the disagreement with Burst directly, so we are asking the court to decide.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Burst looks like a company that couldn’t design a paper bag, much less any element of an iPod, iTunes or Quicktime. But that’s just from a quick judgement of their website. I don’t know much about Burst’s company history. Seems like just another day, another lawsuit, another dollar in a lawyer’s pocket.

  2. “…..Last March, Microsoft and Burst reached a $60 million settlement over allegations that the software giant had used, without permission, Burst’s technology to speed delivery of video…….”

    Somewhere … there is an old lady who spilled hot (McDonalds) coffee in her lap … just laffing her ass off !

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