Creative’s Zen Vision:M green with Apple iPod envy

“What’s black, white and green with iPod envy? The Zen Vision:M, a familiar-looking video player announced by Creative Technology. The similarly styled and priced device will compete directly with Apple Computer’s video iPod for a spot on every technophile’s holiday wish list. Creative plans to put the Vision:M up for sale this month, and with less than three weeks left in the shopping season, that makes the device a tough sell. ‘They’re extremely late,’ says Tim Bajarin, analyst with market research firm Creative Strategies, which is unaffiliated with Creative. ‘In this stage of the game, I’m skeptical this product will give them enough revenue to impact the bottom line for their next quarter… Though Creative is a worthy competitor, I think Vision:M will have zero impact on Apple,'” Rachel Rosmarin reports for Forbes.

Rosmarin reports, “Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo denied that his company copied the device’s design from Apple, telling the BBC in London that Creative had been planning the new player’s design for more than a year. Apple’s video iPod has been on the market for only two months. Hoo has a history of making loud claims about competing with Apple in the MP3-player space. In August, Creative won a U.S. patent for an MP3-player interface involving the way multiple screens are used to navigate through songs. Hoo told the BBC that he plans to pursue this patent aggressively. In November 2004, he famously announced that his company’s products would outsell Apple’s with the help of an expensive marketing campaign. ‘He’s a colorful guy,’ says Bajarin about Hoo. ‘But since what he says sometimes doesn’t happen, it impacts our ability to see him as truly credible.'”

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Sim Wong Hoo, Rob Glaser, and Steve Balmer ought to start up their own carnival freak show of tech CEOs. They could make grand pronouncements, dance and sweat, light up lightbulbs in their mouths, have a chair tossing for distance event, stage competitive eating contests, play frisbee golf with Sony’s recalled Rootkit CDs, fashion Apple product knockoffs right on stage, scream obscenities, rally the crowd for “interoperability,” start imaginary wars – there are so many possibilities! Tickets to the show would be the only product they could muster up between the three of them for which we’d pay a cent. They could videotape it and sell it on Apple’s iTunes Music Store. At least then they’d finally have a hit in the digital content marketplace.

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  1. SIMply WrONG booHOO. Creativeless has been working on this cheap knockoff for a year. Huh…….when did the color iPod come out again?? My 3G is close to 3 years old now…..and I think it is slimmer than this piece of crap……

  2. Its copying if I have ever seen it before. How can you say its not copying!? Look at the design of the thing. Get original Creative. Face it the iPod kicks your arse and always will.

  3. wanna see a kid cry on christmas day. Give them this piece of crap. Then when their friends and cousins come over later with their shiny new iPods, then they can cry again.

  4. How the blazes dows one navigate through songs and stuff on that thing?
    Where are the Next / previous song buttons?
    What are THOSE ARROWS?!?!?!

  5. They’ve been working on that for over a year so they say it isn’t a rip-off of the current iPod. Maybe so but funnily enough the design for the current iPod is a refinement of the previous iPod – I think they’ve been out for a while.

  6. Which means it was copied from the old iPod (which looked almost the same as the new one and had the same GUI) instead of the new one. Duh!

    Big deal–it has rounded edges like the old iPod. Still a copy.

  7. If these are comparably-sized shots of both devices (and I assume they are), I’ll throw one bone to the Creative device for using the whole screen for the menu, allowing larger text. When you have the screen real estate (especially on a small screen) it is prudent to use it.

    Otherwise, I agree with hammer. I’d hate to be the kid (or his parents) that got the knock-off (and espcially couldn’t use the iTunes music store).

    One aside: I feel like I want a button on the surface of the iPod somewhere to be able to directly turn shuffle on and off without navigating menus. You know, one song gets you into the mood for a particular group and you wanna listen to more for awhile (until you don’t, and then you’d be able to jump right back to shuffle). Anybody else feel that way?

  8. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> …but Creative STILL doesn’t have the clickwheel (patent still pending).

    Same as having a desktop computer without a mouse. Would you buy it?

  9. pity the poor kid that unwraps one of these pigs; it will be interesting to see what are the exchange rates for these pigs after the christmas season. it will also be very amusing to see the absolute bitch-slapping that the fat little korean is about to receive at the hands of Local Leader Steve J.

  10. Are done by rocking the “wheel” just like on iPod. You can see the little arrows if you look close. The are gray instead of blue for no reason, of course.

    So basically, it has 6 buttons–one more than the iPod! It must be better.

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