Microsoft Windows Vista compared to Apple Mac OS X

“Gartner Group took a good look at Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. The analyst reports back on some ten issues that stir mixed feelings among preview users. IT-Enquirer took the most spectacular and most interesting to publishers and compared with Mac OS X where appropriate,” IT-Enquirer reports.

IT-Enquirer looks at the following areas:
• Integrated Search With Document Orientation
• User Account Protection
• Full Volume Encryption With TPM 1.2 Support
• Inbound/Outbound Personal Firewall
• Web browser

Full article here.

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  1. Why won’t they wait until Vista is actually a shipping product and then compare it with the next version of OS X that will have already shipped by that time, too? (Yes, that’s rhetorical. Just seems completely silly to try to compare Apples and maggots.)

  2. Oh yeah, comparing a completed OS X with a work-in-progress makes a lot of sense. Seems that this guy was scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with a topic. Besides, there is NO comparison with Vista and OS X anyway, completed or not.

  3. Gartner is a research group ABOVE all else. They make money by selling reports. It is not unreasonable for them to compare the latest public Beta builds of the world’s largest OS vendor. I am _glad_ they are giving the attention to Tiger that they are.

    Be patient, there will be more Vista/Leopard reviews than you will know what to do with. Until then, enjoy the laughs as Microsoft attempts to copy Tiger.

  4. “A mixed query, both on servers and local disks is not (yet) possible.”

    Ummm… Try hitting the others button in search .. you can select Servers and Local disks.

    This whole article is riddled with wrongness!

  5. Mac’s need a outgoing Firewall

    Right now we all use Little Snitch (god bless them), but it’s amazing how a security concious Apple is caving into snitchware and developers who want to report on everything we do with our Mac’s.


    Not good for a program that takes your admin password, now what would happen if someone used a trojan to alter SuperDuper?

    Did you know that Address Book contacts Apple servers even if you don’t have a .Mac account?

    Did you know with the recent 10.4.3 update the DOCK phones Apple?

    We are more at risk from sneaky programs sending data out of our machines than from hackers and viruses getting in.

  6. The story is not a comparison between an already robust and existing OS and the M$ equivelent because the M$ version does not exist yet!

    When will these dudes stop this mindless comparison shite! OSX 10.4. exists and will be OSX 10.5. before we see any vista from M$.

    They are clinging at straws and trying to compensate for a company that once led the pack and is sadly now letting the unknown numbers of lemmings of the world down sadly.

    It writers my sad ass! Most don’t know anything past their noses.

    I recently showed my 17″ PowerBook to a couple of friends from South Africa and Denmark and both just loved the thing but were afraid they could not drive it.

    After 10 minutes of my expert tuition they could grasp the finder and relate to the machine. Something they thought would be scary and difficult became easy and accessible. They both said they nwere afraid to learn a new system. Once they knew how easy it was they wanted to play with it and explore.

    I even convinced them that something like an iBook with all the iLife apps is affordable and better value than a black bakerlite box from Dell and partners.

    Two possible more switchers. Both had never seen a mac before I showed them.

    ROCk on MAC.

  7. “Did you know that Address Book contacts Apple servers even if you don’t have a .Mac account?”

    What does it contact Apple servers about?
    How does it do it if you’re not online?

    “Did you know with the recent 10.4.3 update the DOCK phones Apple?”

    What does the Doc phone Apple about?

  8. Windows sufferers want to know how it will compare to Mac OS X because Mac is getting so much respect. There appears to be real interest in the technologies now that Mac is once again so much stronger than Windows.

  9. Good lord what a crappy article.

    Basically it’s: Here’s a feature that might be in Vista when it ships… that sounds neato but we haven’t really seen any production level code. And guess what? OSX doesn’t have the same feature.

    Plus most of the features are dubious anyway. Desktop searching across the enterprise… Encrypting volumes w/ some onboard palladium type chip… some bullshit about dynamic user access control that apparently elevates processes’ privileges for the lifetime of the process. Which is just plain stupid so it’s probably just a typo. Assuming it is a typo then it sounds like there is going to be NO END of holes in the implementation.

    Don’t follow the link. You’re wasting your time and just giving them hits.

  10. To the “other” Mac Dude…

    Thanx for the info… I did not know that…


    Is there any way to set “Little Snitch” to stop ALL
    calls home (from everything) …. without having that annoying pop up asking me if this or that is ok ?

    And at the same time… not interferring with legit uploading ??

    (I’m a newbie with Snitch .. so go easy on me)

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