Apple’s new video-capable iPod’s resplendent screen bright, sharp, and colors really pop

“In their race to cut into Apple’s market share makers of digital music players must feel like they’re on a treadmill. The Cupertino, Calif. tune king is ending the year with a blizzard of new products, each pushing consumer expectations to a higher level and leaving its competition out of breath,” John P. Mello writes for MacNewsWorld. “While many pretenders to Apple’s throne are still trying to perfect the marriage of device and PC, the company has taken its iPod line into the loftier realms of digital imaging and video. Apple skipper Steve Jobs may have been reluctant to bring video to his best-selling line, but the one million videos at US$1.99 a pop sold in the three weeks following the introduction of the video iPod has him changing his iTune.”

“A big differentiator between this new iPod and its predecessors is its display. It’s a resplendent 2.5-inch QVGA screen that’s bright and sharp. Colors really pop on the LCD, which has a resolution of 320-by-240 pixels,” Mello writes. “Call me a tube rube, but I found the screen good for watching short videos or television shows in bursts — 10 minutes here and there between demands for service from my five-year-old. And what a vast improvement the screen is for displaying photos over the iPod Nano with its 1.5-inch display.”

Despite the fact that Mello had some “installation glitches” with iTunes (he used Windows) and concludes, “the new iPod is a breakthrough product. With it, Apple has maintained the iPod’s status as the best music player bar none and spiced its appeal with a display that makes imaging and video work in an improbable form factor.”

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  1. Why don’t people just call it the iPod V. Then everyone will be happy – if you want to call it the video, that is what the V stands for – if you want to call it the 5th generation, then the V is the Roman numeral for 5. Apple officially calls it the “iPod” without the video word put in there.

  2. It may appeat that the viPod is essentially a large iPod that happens to play videos, but it’s pushing a new envelope in regards in downloading and making videos.

    Since most people have nothing but a cheap laptop PC that’s only good for the internet and paying for broadband is about the maximum they will spend every month, this means that the larger iPod will most likely be used to store music.

    I got nano’s as gifts because most people are not technically proficient to handle pictures much less video and 1,000 songs is more than enough for them.

    They think like this “99¢ a song times 1000 song capacity, that’s almost $1000, I could buy another PC with that amount” “Heck sat radio is good enough for me”

    Then their cheap PC laptops don’t have the storage space or the CPU power to handle video. Their first question is “why can’t I keep all my songs on the iPod and not on my hard drive?” “why does it have to be both?”

    CHEAPO’s. they think they shouldn’t have to pay for anything and then wonder why they are miserable with a pocket full of money.

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