UK woman narrowly survives Xbox fire; users report Xbox 360 ‘crashing like mad’

“So, the Xbox 360’s been available for, what, 15 minutes, and already the crash reports are streaming in. According to postings on Xbox-Scene and other fan sites, some early adopters are discovering that waiting on line in the cold for two years to snag a box was the least of their problems: the game consoles are allegedly crashing during a variety of games and reporting a range of error messages,” Marc Perton reports for Engadget.

Full article a screenshot of a crashed Microsoft Xbox 360 units here. [Thanks to “macnut222” for the heads up.]

“A quick look on our forums (more, more and more) seems to indicate he’s not the only one. Several of our members seems to get crashing 360s. It doesn’t seem to be related to a specific game, as we get reports of the Xbox 360 crashing with several games. And it’s not all the same Error-number either (E79, E74, E64, real crashes, …). I quickly checked over at TeamXbox and they also have a large thread and poll about defective Xbox 360s,” XanTium reports for

Full article here.

Various crashed Xbox screenshots via Flickr here.

In somewhat related news, The Register reports that a UK woman was “was pulled unconscious from her house by two strangers after succumbing to smoke generated by a faulty Xbox… Anglesey fire and rescue spokesman Dave Evans confirmed the fire was caused by a ‘fault in an Xbox game machine’ left on standby. Back in February, Microsoft recalled 14.1m Xbox power cables shipped into Europe before 13 January, 2004 and in other territories before 23 October, 2003, as we previously reported. MS admitted to ’30 or so reports from users suffering minor burns, singed upholstery or scorched carpets as a result of power lead malfunctions.'”

Full article here.

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Microsoft, nothing if not consistent.


  1. One of the ELEMENTS of the Xbox 360 must be Vista as the OS…that would explain the BSODs!

    Despite the Sony CD issue, I’m waiting on the PS3. I won’t be purchasing any Microsoft products ever again.

  2. my original xbox, purchased two years ago, quit working after about 2 weeks of use. customer service was ridiculous and would not excahnge the machine. last microsoft product i purchased or will purchase. a week or 2 ago i got a new power cord from ms with a letter saying that some power cords are defective and the defect might damage the machine. thanks. f*** microsoft.

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