Bear Stearns reiterates Apple ‘outperform’ rating, raises target to $70; AAPL hits new all-time high

Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff has reiterated his ‘outperform’ rating on Apple Computer and raised the share price target to $70.

Apple was up $1.59, or 2.55%, to a new all-time high of $63.87 in early NASDAQ trading. Apple’s previous all-time high was $63.08 set on 11/15/2005.

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  1. Remember October 11th when Apple announced their best quarter ever and the stock plunged 10% to like $48 and then in after hours went even lower? Remember how the NEXT DAY Apple announced the iPod Video and $1.99 video on iTunes and the stock shot back up?

    The market doesn’t know what to do with AAPL. I Do – “Accumulate”

    MDN word: west

  2. Thanks Charlie… I think I just bought your shares for $63.99

    I think I’m already ahead on the deal, but we’ll have to wait and see…. I’m pretty happy with the way my future is looking though. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. nopp – Nice try but we see THROUGH it. AAPL never traded below $19.00 in Dec. of 2003. Oh, were you looking at some split adjusted intra-day price so you could impress us with your investing Skilz? Looks like it didn’t take.

  4. What will make Apple skyrocket will be Intel chipped computers that take on allcomers the same way the iPod took on its rivals.

    We said $200 within 2 years before the split ie $100 after the share split.

    I’ll stick with that forecast.

    2006 is gonna be a good year.. if Apple and me see it in together…

  5. to me:

    no, that price of $ 9,80 is ofcourse split-adjusted, it was then $ 19,60 before the split, but it would have given 663% profit since… The reason why I thought it was safe then is that the stock traded betweeen $ 18,- after announcement of iTunes Music Store in april and $ 25,- some time later, so at that time $ 19,60 in dec 2003 was a safe bet, because it would return to $ 25,- anyway… (that is split-adjusted $ 12,50…) Haven’t done though…

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