Analyst: Apple will retailiate against Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s unauthorized iPod interoperability

“Officially, [Microsoft] says the new [Xbox 360] console can stream music from just about any MP3 player. But during a preview of the next-generation console in San Francisco last month, Microsoft execs talked up the interoperability between iPods and the Xbox 360,” Daniel Terdiman reports for CNET News. “‘When you plug your iPod in,’ Xbox digital-entertainment executive producer Jeff Henshaw told CNET, ‘the Xbox 360 automatically detects that it’s there. You can browse by artist or album or genre or by custom playlist.'”

Terdiman reports, “However, because of the iPod’s digital-rights-management software, the Xbox 360 cannot stream songs purchased from Apple’s iTunes Music Store, Henshaw said. There’s a reason for that: Microsoft built its iPod connection without the support of the folks at Apple… Henshaw said the Xbox 360 would be able to stream any standard MP3 file or AAC file from an iPod, but not protected songs purchased through the iTunes Music Store. Those songs, he said, will appear grayed out in menus on the Xbox.”

Terdiman reports, “Richard Doherty, president of analyst firm Envisioneering, went so far as to predict that Apple will fight back once the new Xbox launches. ‘We expect Apple will have some retaliation ready within days or hours of the Xbox 360 shipping,’ Doherty said, referring to potential new iPod firmware or a new version of iTunes that could disable interoperability.”

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Boy, if Sony was smart, they’d figure out a way team with Apple to make PlayStation 3 completely compatible and interoperable with iTunes Music Store and iPod.

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  1. MacDailyNews Take: Boy, if Sony was smart, they’d figure out a way team with Apple to make PlayStation 3 completely compatible and interoperable with iTunes Music Store and iPod.

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day

  2. There’s no reason for Apple to do this. Microsoft is cementing the iPod as the standard here, and it’s really not doing anything other than what an iPod car stereo adapter or home stereo adapter is doing.

  3. I agree with MDN. Go to it, Sony!!
    How can Microsoft think they can casually integrate the iPod into their product after their whole “playsforsure” scheme that alienated the iPod from services like Napster?

    (First post is lame)

  4. The irony is, the XBOX is the Mac of VG consoles. It’s better built, runs better and is more intuitive than the PS2. And it has a fraction of the market share and people complain that there are fewer titles available. Funny.

    Oh, and rumor has it the XBOX 360 developers were shipped Mac G5s.

    I agree with the other poster that all this does is help the iPod become the standard. Apple should let this go.

  5. Frankly I think Apple ought to go ahead and help make XBox, Playstation, and even Nintendo if they want, work perfectly with the iPod. Why not? It doesn’t hurt iPod and it doesn’t hurt iTMS. More compatibility of this type can only be a good thing.

  6. bscepter, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

    NINTENDO is the Apple of the video-game market. Underappreciated, yet always focused on the quality of customer experience, and far superior (IMO) to M$ or Sony. M$ aren’t anywhere near being ‘the Apple’, they’re just slightly better than Sony, but that’s because Sony are the Microsoft of the VG world. The Xbox doesn’t have a real equivalent in the computing world -_-


    Magic Word: poor, as in “Xbox to Apple is a poor comparison”.

  7. Im pretty sure what we’ll be seeing is cracks and hacks… not to mention that i fully expect sony’s ps3 to be fully compatible… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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