BusinessWeek tech writer seeks advice regarding switch from Windows to Apple Mac

“I’m finally thinking of making the Switch from a home Windows PC to Apple. And if you don’t mind taking a little time, I could use the help of the Mac faithful out there. I want the new PC largely for doing Web work, storing multimedia, and using as an entertainment hub. I’m betting I’m pretty typical of a lot of people here, so your advice could be helpful to more than just me,” Rob Hof writes for BusinessWeek.

“Anyway, my question is this: Which Apple laptop to get–iBook or PowerBook? I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, given that the Intel-based Apples to come out starting next year look promising, and I’ll probably want to upgrade at some point. On the one hand, I want something that has a reasonably big hard drive, since I’ll be using it as my main storage for all multimedia files, and that will last me at least a couple years–which suggests PowerBook. On the other hand, after lugging around a Dell D600 for years, I like the light weight of the iBook. And screen size doesn’t matter much–for my purposes, smaller might be perfectly fine,” Hof writes. “So, should I go for the best iBook I can get, or for a lower-end PowerBook?”

Help out Mr. Hof with your advice here.

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Switching from Windows to Mac? Never forget to ask to “crossgrade” your software. That is, if you’re switching to Mac, ask for the Mac version of your existing Windows software for the upgrade price before you just go out and buy a whole new version for full retail price.

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  1. Not all stupid people remain stupid for the rest of their lives. Some of them actually wise up over time and break out of the stupid mold. So, there’s hope for everyone. If a stupid Windows PC user wises up and decides to switch, then it’s a sign his brain is developing. And after a while of using a Mac after he makes the switch, he gradually sheds that “stupid skin” of his old stupid self, and gradually becomes a wiser, smarter, Mac using person.

  2. Rob Hof:
    You get what you pay for – hence the the useless chatter. Or maybe no one believes you would sincerely ask for such advice in a publication. Suggest you get a real Mac buddy to get you started and pay them for their professional advice. You will not regret the switch. I’ve assisted hundreds to purchase Macs, no one has ever told me they are sorry.

  3. i think us mac users are too hard on windows users sometimes. instead of stupid, i’ve found most are just naive. every person i’ve ever shown my powerbook to has found something they really liked about it, whether it was expose, an os x only application (garageband, FCP), or even just the sleep light.

    rest assured, they are waking up, and its articles like these that we should use to help everyone we can make the right decision.

  4. First off, it doesn’t matter which Mac you get, OS X is a world better then Windows. After switching from XP to OS X 3 years ago, I couldn’t believe how stupid I felt for not trying a Mac earlier. My Mac has brought back the fun to using a computer.

    I think an iBook is a great machine. I just bought a new 15″ 1.67Ghz Powerbook to replace my 14″ 700Mhz G3. That old iBook is still a great machine and has held up well. I moved to the Powerbook for the bigger screen and the ability to run my 20″ cinema display as an extended desktop. That being said, I don’t think you can go wrong with an iBook with a Superdrive for your first Mac. It’s good looking, a good performer, and it’s tough.

  5. scott writes: “i think us mac users are too hard on windows users sometimes. instead of stupid, i’ve found most are just naive.”

    Ah Grasshopper, indeed! Some are stupid, some naive, and some merely unenlightened.

    iDon’t: When a boy grows up, he is no longer a boy, but a man. When a Windoze user buys a clue, gets a brain or attains enlightenment, he switches to Macintosh.

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