Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope at 720×304 MPEG-4 on Apple iPod

“I just finished successfully encoding Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope directly from DVD to iPod format using the version of Handbrake linked to at Accelerate Your Macintosh! The resulting video is an MPEG-4 file, weighing in at 1GB in size and at a 720×304 aspect ratio. More than is needed for the iPod itself, but it does play on the iPod and displays nicely on an external TV set. Not too bad,” C.K. Sample, III writes for The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Full article with Movie Info dialog box image here.

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  1. I recently exceeded my record of 40 hours of porn on my iPod with 50 hours of porn. High quality and with my own compression.

    I love porn, and now everyone on my morning commute does, too.

    I wonder how long it will take to get some of those Jihad snuff videos on my iPod. Kinda hard though, because they’re in Windows Media format.

  2. HandBrake is an amazing piece of software. It easily converts a DVD into an MP4 Quicktime MOV. I HandBraked my new DVD copy of Star Wars III and the results are fantastic. I’m using it on a Powermac G5 1.8GHz single processor machine running OS-X 10.3.9.

    For a good looking compact Quicktime version of a DVD I recommend setting screen width to 320 (pixels), audio to 128k, data rate to 500, and tick the box for “2-Pass” encoding (which makes a big difference in picture quality).

    HandBrake is easy to use, has worked perfectly on all the DVD’s I’ve thrown at it and best of all, it’s free!

    This piece of software RULES and is a definite grab for people with G5 iPods that play video.

  3. I agree with the sentiments about Handbrake. There is also free software called Streamclip that will allow you to set in and out points to decode clips from a ripped DVD. This is good for concert footage of specific songs, comedy bits, etc. when you don’t want to encode an entire “chapter”. Both are great free offerings.

  4. I completely agree HandBrake is amazing. I was just surfin’ the other week and stumbled upon it… since then I’ve added about 20 movies to iTunes from my DVD collection.

    Seriously good piece of software, so easy to use.

    MW: lost. I’m not, are you?

  5. “Let me get this straight. So if you encode a movie at a higher resolution (720×480) as an example. it will
    1) Still playback nicely on the iPod?
    2) Playback on the TV at the higher resolution?”

    I second this question…Any responses?

  6. I’ve handbraked about 10 movies so far. First I tried around 600×300 depending on movie format) at 1000 bytes. Files came in around 800 MB. Quality was great on iPod, good on 20″ iMac and ok on 32 TV. So I upped it to 2000 and increased the resolution to max it out under 230400 pixels. The file looks just as good on iPod, near DVD on iMac and TV. Files are huge (~1.5 gig) but if you were going to create a reference collection, it’s not a bad idea to spend the HD space and time now. After all when the 200 gig iPod comes out in a year or two, you’ll be thanking yourself.

    Oh and no problems with tearing yet. Only downside is time, it takes a good 6 hours to rip a movie. But hey it’s okay if I’m at work when it’s ripping. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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