Apple’s 5G video-capable iPod sales ahead of expectations, outsells popular iPod nano in some cases

“Sales of Apple Computer’s new fifth-generation video iPod are coming in ahead of expectations, and in some cases appear to be outselling the very popular iPod nano, says one Wall Street analyst,” AppleInsider reports. “In a research note released to clients on Thursday, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said recent proprietary checks with industry and channel sources show sales of the video iPod to be stronger than expected. ‘In some cases, in Apple’s own channels, including its physical stores and online store, we believe video iPods are surprisingly outselling even the very popular iPod nano,’ the analyst wrote. ‘We believe video iPod buyers are mostly installed base users attracted to its high storage capacity, video capability, and reasonable price points, while nanos are attracting more mainstream MP3 users.'”

Full article here.

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  1. tjfoam, do we have to ask that question everytime?

    WHy would anyone buy a mini?
    Why would anyone buy a shuffle?

    THere are benefits to the smaller ones…and not everyone has so much music that they need the extra room.

  2. “Flash!!! Nano sales lagging behind even 5G video iPod sales! Apple is doomed!”

    Seems like somebody in the analyst community should be trying to spin it that way. Hasn’t MS paid anybody lately?

  3. I think nano sales have been harmed by the press accounts of excessive scratching. There is no way that the amount of coverage that story got can’t have put a damper on the initial positive buzz and sales nano was enjoying before the story. Then 5G iPods are announced and a lot of potential nano buyers say, ” I’ll get this instead.”

  4. If you notice, the online says are greater for Nano, and the walk-in sales are greater for the Video. I think it is because once a person sees the quality of the iPod Video, they fall in love with it. I brought my iPod video into work one day and a week later 3 of my co-workers now have one ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  5. My excuse is that I want to avoid wear and tear to my 60 GB while running. Don’t know for sure, but think that’s what did in my 10 GB (thankfully, it was under warranty). Better safe than sorry. The great thing is that the nano’s capacity is going to expand on a regular basis. Super sweet

    “not everyone has so much music that they need the extra room.”

    But if you have the extra $, why not get the xtra space so you can tote around pix and vids or data files?

  6. I have both a 30GB iPod with video and a 1GB shuffle. I actually use the shuffle a lot more than I do the 30GB because it’s a lot easier to wear while running and exercising. There is definitely a market out there for all 3 models.

  7. i wonder if the MPAA and the networks will sue Apple for making a device that encourages copyright infringement – seeing as how they claim there is no right to digitize TV shows you have recorded for yourself – much less downloading shows from the internet.

    i actually hope they do – it would finally bring the fight we’ve been waiting for..

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