Shares of Apple Computer up in early NASDAQ trading on report of one million iTunes videos sold

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. hit $56.21, up $1.74 or 3.19% in early morning NASDAQ trading on volume of 7,928,252 shares following the announcement this morning that Apple’s iTunes Music Store had sold over one million videos at US$1.99 each in the first twenty days of offering such content online.

As more video-capable iPods hit the market, downloads of iTunes 6 with access to Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s video content increases, and Apple spreads video content for sale to iTunes Music Stores in markets outside the U.S., MacDailyNews expects video sales to ramp accordingly, especially as Apple moves to add additional content.

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  1. How long will it take Sprint/Nextel to sell 1 million songs/ringtones at $2.50?

    I believe there is a market there, but it will be a spuradic, impulsive purchase that is much rarer than the frequent $0.99 song download. Certainly there will be no album sales at all, and the library is so small (300,000?) that only the top “Clear Channel Artists” will be featured.

    MDN word: his

  2. Great, there’s only one last and major step left: View these show on a TV. Not a Mac, not a iPod, but a real TV big fat TV.

    Once Apple fixes that, we’ll see the video revolution unfolding in front of us. One that will be bigger than music.

    Grab some AAPL while you can!

  3. Hmmm, have to rein in my cc — already purchased a stack of vids.

    Just one thing — anybody know why the volume seems so much less than audio-only downloads?

    I have to route through my powered speakers to get it really ramped up.

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