Thurrott: Apple iPod ‘the new standard by which all are measured – highly recommended’

“For a company that’s known for its bold innovations, Apple Computer has moved slowly and cautiously into the realm of portable digital video. Although its iPod MP3 players are market and mindshare sensations, until recently they’ve lacked features that Microsoft’s portable hardware partners have offered for years. Chief among these features is digital video,” Paul Thurrott writes for Connected Home Media. “In fact, publicly, Apple executives have maintained all along that portable digital video just isn’t very interesting. Consumers, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said, just don’t care. Until the iPod with video, of course.”

“The new iPod gets dramatically better battery life than previous versions (for music), although it’s unclear why this is so, given the larger color screen and smaller case (and, thus, smaller battery). The big change, of course, is video support. Thanks to the iPod’s gorgeous—if small—320 x 240 screen and a new video chipset, it can play MPEG-4 and H.264 video at 30 frames per second (fps),” Thurrott writes. “Unlike other devices, the iPod is also backed by a unique online service that lets you purchase video content relatively inexpensively… The new iPod features everything that was right about iPods to begin with and adds video as a bonus. Thus, it is the new standard by which all portable media players are measured. Highly recommended.”

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  1. Repeat after me, “it’s not just the hardware”.

    So Windows Mobile Edition Media PC XP SP2 has been able to play video. How well does it handle those 30fps 320×240 videos? Jumpy?

    And even if the clarity rocks, where would you get the content? Apple makes it easy to take MY hoem movies, import from my Canon Hi8 camera to iMovie, encode and sync to a 5G iPod. Or just go to iTunes and drop less than two bucks on over two thousand music videos, tv shows, and film shorts.

    MDN word: able

  2. Paul continually amazes me. Sometimes he sounds like a normal sane human being and sometimes well since he is currently be sane I won’t say anything bad but sometimes the case is different.

    i wonder if its the meds, i hope his psychiatrists watches his posts and whatnot to monitor whether or not paul is taking them.

  3. I’ve been willing to give Thurrott the benefit of the doubt lately, as I do here, but a cynic could look at this another way. The iPod in general, and now the iPod with video specifically, has been universally acclaimed by tech writers, including many windows-centric writers, not only what it does, but for what is possible in the future. Given that, for him to have any other opinion that a favorable one would bring his objectivity into question even to those people inclined to dislike anything Apple.

  4. The Video IPOD just may be the greatest object in all history. And its among the greatest of all gifts ( as far as material gifts go ) It isnt peace on earth but its as close as you may get to it this holiday season. And I want that remote control thing for my PoweMac–Im sort of hoping that the Video IPOD will cause Steve Jobs to SWITCH to Mac. What I mean is
    does the “roadblock” in the Intel “roadmap” create any hope that Jobs will switch back to true Macs with IBM or CELL inside?

  5. O.K., I’ve finally figured it out!

    “Thurrott” is not a person. No, “Thurrott” is a franchise. Kind of like “Santa Claus” or the “Tooth Fairy”.
    You see, somewhere in India (probably Bangalore), there is a sweat shop of “writers” that stamp out the various “Thurrott” articles on this and that. Sometimes (purely by chance) the Indian, sweat shop “writer” is competent on things relating to Macintosh. Result: the article makes sense. Mostly though someone dimmer than a pen light, writes the articles saying things like Bill Gates invented the Macintosh.

    I’m glad it finally came to me; “Thurrott’s” seeming multiple personalities was driving me nuts!

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  6. lisa: I love your phrase “true Macs with IBM or CELL inside”. So, you’re the hardware equivalent of those whiny old farts who wailed that the switch from classic MacOS to OSX meant “the death of the Mac”. I wonder what happened to them.

    Of course, in your mind, Apple could do a (considerably more traumatic) switch to the Cell, and it would still be a “true Mac”. You REALLY have a bug up your butt about Intel, don’t you?

  7. See, Thurott can be honest when he wants to be honest. He forgets, sometimes, that Apple is a major Windows peripheral and software supplier. Apple makes good stuff for Windows and should be treated with respect.

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