‘Just For You’ feature disappears from Apple’s iTunes Music Store [Updated]

Apple’s iTunes 6 introduced a new “Just For You” feature in the iTunes Music Store that offered “personalized recommendations tailored to your musical preferences.”

Well, multiple MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews readers have noticed that “Just For You” is no longer available in the iTunes Music Store. Apple.com’s iTunes web page still describes “Just For You” – “Want some listening suggestions? Look no further than the Just For You section, where recommendations come personalized according to your musical preferences.”

And just when we were about to buy something called “The Essential Rosemary Clooney” that iTunes’ “Just For You” had suggested because we once bought some early Liz Phair.

iTunes Music Store’s “Just For You” might just be “in the shop,” AWOL, or something else. Let us know if you find any additional info ().

[UPDATE 4:22pm ET: Boy, we screwed this one up! Sorry. “Just For You” does indeed exist in the iTunes Music Store. It has just been removed from the “Inside the Music Store” list along with its orange “NEW” tag. “Just For You” (Beta) is located on the home page of the iTMS, just below “New Releases.” Remember, if you click the link “Turn Just For You Off” at the bottom of the iTMS home page, you’ll need to click “Turn Just For You On” in the same location to view the recommendations.]

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  1. Mine had gone away for a few hours on the first day it was around, but now it seems to have stuck. Also the suggestions are only based on what you have bought from the store including the free downloads, so they might not be your taste. Also I already owned most of the music that I like so I only buy other stuff from the store so it would be hard for them to give me any suggestions from my purchases. They should make an option to turn this off and put back the “just added” section if you want.

  2. “I’ve never seen the ‘Just For You’ feature on my iTunes 6. Not once. Are there perhaps circumstances under which it does not appear?”

    I haven’t seen this feature either…

    I. However, I have not actually purchased anything from the store. Only downloaded the weekly freebies.

    (We have a huge collection of CDs (about 3300), and just use iTunes to manage our music, though some of the freebies have made me interested in trying buying online, but actually, we repeatedly found enough songs from the album of interest, so we buy the CD at Amazon and rip it at 160kbps instead. It’s worth a few days wait for the higher quality… Of course, we have a G5 iMac (first gen) and a 1TB LaCie firewire drive attached to it, so we have a ton of storage capacity,.)

  3. Understood. Yeah, I have all CD only music in there, too.

    Whelp, maybe they need a special ‘Window-Shopper Just for You’ for folks like us. You know .. based on our sampling in the iTMS. But then, I sample from every country’s iTMS so I guess that wouldn’t work. Plus, because I do visit all the stores regularly .. even if I could see the ‘Just For You’, a ‘Just For You’ which only showed one country’s selections would perhaps annoy me, I suspect.

    oh well ::sigh::

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