Apple special event to unveil ‘latest pro innovations’ happens tomorrow

A reminder, Apple has invited the media to a special event, the third to be held in about a month’s time, to be held in New York City tomorrow.

In the email invitation, Apple requests that invited members of the media join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”

Apple Insider has more info here.

“MacNN sources have confirmed that the event will be used to introduce the last PowerPC-based PowerBook G4 lineup with new high resolution displays and other improvements. Other reports also suggest the event will bring a photography-related announcement as well as updated Power Mac G5 systems using IBM’s dual-core PowerPC chips, although the (unconfirmed) details are scarce,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I’m one that believes Apple will release the dual core PMs and that they will kick a**. I don’t have as much faith in Freescale delivering the dual core G4s – even though they said deliveries would start about now. (And, yes, Anon, if Freescale could deliver now dual cores would be in the PB.)

    Of secondary interest would be any new apps that are photo related. I’m not thinking a Photoshop replacement, but something that photographers would like – probably in basic management or an enhancement for iPhoto.

  2. ‘Please tell me its true’ says:
    “If they don’t release dual core PM’s tomorrow they might as well not bother. I need a new mac badly and with the Intels around the corner I don’t think they can afford to wait any longer for “the exciting PowerPC updates”.”

    I feel the same way, but don’t bet on the release of dual core G4s. The resulting performance increase would make direct comparisons with the eventual, inevitable, dual core Pentiums too close. Since Apple wants the world to believe the Macintel transition is for performance reasons, having a lowly dual core G4 PB giving the ‘next gen’ technology a run for it’s money won’t be allowed. I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong, but …

    I’m sure the single core CPU will be bumped a little, and I think there will be a memory speed increase – maybe using DDR2 (it’s more energy efficient than DDR memory). Obviously there will be the obligatory video card upgrade (cheap and easy way to show ‘improvement’). After that, it’s probably all going to be about screen resolution.

    MDN magic word: “age”
    As in, the PB will continue showing it’s age, but not because Apple couldn’t put better PPC hardware in it – marketing and the Macintel disinformation campaign will keep it artifically behind the times.

  3. New laptops support Smell!

    and there will be “preview wafts” in iTunes, prior to downloading “Cafe Ambience”, “Wet Dog”, “Freshly Mown Lawn”, and “New Jersey Landfill”.

    Just think, the new G4 widescreen latop will have an iSight, and iWhiff built-in, side by side!

  4. Anon:
    “Yeah. Apple innovates by finally catching up with EVERY MAJOR PC MAKER IN THE WORLD by offering dual core. Way to keep innovating, Apple.”

    It’s the PC makers who are just now catching up, thanks to dual-core chips, because they couldn’t put a decent dual-processor system together. Apple’s had dual-processor systems for, what, at least 7 years now? What was the first commercially successful mainstream dual-processor PC? Dual Xeons? Ooooo, those were a big hit, now, weren’t they? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. I’d NEVER buy a Rev. A MacTel, no matter WHAT features were jammed into it.

    First steer clear of ANY Rev.A. PERIOD.
    Second, it’s an entirely NEW and DIFFERENT processor and underlying processor architecture. Yikes!
    Third, there will be tons of software compatibility problems for months after MacTels appear.

    It took a good 6 months for software to catch up with the hardware after the first PPC 604 machines shipped. It was HELL and I and my powerMac 8500/120 were stuck in the middle of it.

    NEVER again! No matter WHAT Apple promises and what hype about smooth and seamless transitions they spew. I won’t fall for it again.

    Remember all those smooth transitions we were promised?
    System 6 to System 7.
    68000 to 68030 Macs.
    68xxx Macs to PowerPC
    Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X

    You’d be a fool to bet your business on an untried architecture right out of the gate!

    Secret Word: larger… as in the problems during the MacTel transition will be larger than promised or expected.

  6. “Additionally, AppleInsider has now been told that Apple plans to hang around the PhotoPlus Expo for the three days that will follow (as an exhibitor). In fact, documents show the company to have registered booth number 338 — the largest exhibition space on the show floor.”

    full article on AppleInsider:

    Apple’s photo/pro event starts at noon:

    “According to sources, the Mac maker will utilize a small conference room inside the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to unveil its latest professional Macintosh products. The event is slated to begin at 12:00pm eastern time.”

    “The invitation is jet black and sports a large camera lens as a teaser. Earlier reports had hinted that a significant photography-related announcement would accompany the introduction of new PowerBooks and dual-core Power Macs at the event.”

  7. @ Mr. Reee

    You have a point about past transitions, but are we really just BEGINNING the switch to Intel? Aren’t we already 5 years in (based on every version of OS X being run on Intel in the labs)?

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