Anticipation excruciating as the perfect Apple storm looms

By SteveJack

It’s late Sunday morning on the East coast of the United States and, in a clear sign that I am among the deranged, the waiting is painful for Tuesday’s Apple Computer earnings report and financial results conference call plus Wednesday’s “One more thing” special event.

For those not in “The Cult,” those who haven’t had a drop of the Kool-Aid, this is just another Sunday morning. Maybe they’ll be going to church, taking a nap later, trying to clean malware off their Windows PCs, watching the baseball game or some football, seeing if John Daly can hold off Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, or, ironically, listening to their iPods. They just don’t understand.

For “the rest of us,” this Sunday morning means that we have too long to wait for two days that promise to be as big as that magical few days that come every January when Apple earnings and Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote combine to form the perfect Apple storm.

This Tuesday, October 11, Apple will release their fourth quarter 2005 earnings report after the closing market bell. Shortly thereafter, at 5pm ET, Apple will webcast the audio of their Q4 05 quarterly earnings conference call to discuss financial results with analysts. The consensus of analysts surveyed by Thompson/First Call expect Apple (AAPL) to earn $0.36 per share on revenue of $3.68 billion. In the year ago quarter, Q4 04, Apple earned $0.14 per share on revenue of $2.35 billion and shipped 836,000 Macintosh units and 2,016,000 iPod units. In the last completed quarter, Q3 05, Apple earned $0.37 per share on revenue of $3.52 billion and shipped 1,182,000 Macintosh units and 6,155,000 iPod units.

Okay, the earnings announcement/conference call happens four times a year. It’s a pretty big deal just by itself. But, then on Wednesday, October 12, at 1:00 pm ET, Apple will hold their “One More Thing” special media event at the California Theater in San Jose, California. What the event will reveal has been subject to thousands of articles and theories already. Expect quite a few more in the upcoming days.

I’m not going to add to the conjecture here, but I will say that Apple must be very confident of a strong earnings report to have scheduled the special media event for the very next day. And only Apple can inspire such outright crazed anticipation in its customers.

People who aren’t “Macheads” just don’t understand this excruciating anticipation experience we’re all going through now and in the upcoming days (you’re probably one of them if you’re reading this). Just remember, you’re not alone. Only 52 hours and 45 minutes until for the earnings release, 53 hours and 15 minutes for the conference call, and 73 hours and 15 minutes for the special media event left to go! Are you feeling it, too?

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.


  1. One more thing … world domination. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    My 2 cents with respect to Oct 12th … video content available for download from ITMS and Airport Express AV.

  2. Thanks a lot Steve! You just made it worse!

    Honestly though I think it’s going to be about five things…
    Dual Core G5’s
    Higher Rez Powerbooks (better screens)
    A Mac Mini as the centerpiece of the iHome along with Airport ExpressAV
    and then LATER not on Wednesday…the Video iPod.
    Universal announced the other day that their catalog was going to be downloadable. More studios will follow suit. Comcast offers a lot of content On Demand now…So the timing is right for a digital entertainment center that is NOT really a PC (think Media Center PC only not so PC centric) and one that allows a measure of both wireless connectivity and with the video iPod (again later once content and infrastructure are further along)… some portability. Would people store 3 or 4 movies on what amounts to a portable TIVO? Absolutely. But it makes more sense to do that on a BIG hard drive in a mini that can do a lot more…sitting next to your TV.

  3. I still don’t think Apple would launch Mac products (niche market) at a special media event.

    I’m going with the Madonna special-edition pink nano, possible an iPod video but more likely a new smaller HD iPod.

  4. I prefer to see it for myself than speculate. So maybe it’s something from all those things they have already said…maybe its something we can’t imagine. So… be patient.. only a couple of days to go.

  5. I thought, hey, great, iPod videos! But really, this is not feasible for Apple. They would need to have all the video content contracts finalized with all their video distributors BEFORE the announcement.

    On the flipside, I don’t think Apple would have created so much hype with the announcement over a simple upgrade to its products.

    This is going to be big! I can’t wait!

  6. MDN, others and I have said Apple needs to take advantage of the unique position they’re in right now: on top of their game while Bill “Sour Grapes” Gates, et al are in chaos.

    Apple needs to go for M$ jugular and put them out of their misery. Hey, Apple is getting help from folks like Google and others. So if not now – when?

    Sure, vidPods are fine but far from cataclysmic (the way the original Macintosh was back in the day).

    Let’s hope there’s more to this Wednesday’s “One more thing” than an insipid, pink Madonna (the trashy has-been) iPod or vidPod.

    Here’s hoping…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grrr” style=”border:0;” />

  7. prob with ipod video content? maybe steve will introduce some sort of mac mini based media centre with the ability to record tv? wanna watch your favourite series on the way back from work?

  8. “Like a Nano…scratched for the very first time!”

    Steve did a deal with Madonna to get her to put her library on iTunes. Problem is “Who cares about Madonna???” old news. Or as my teenage kids would say: she´s old.
    At least Steve got to meet her in person and get her autograph.

    If its a madonna ipod/nano….
    well, this is just going to be a big bust.

  9. Thanks for listing once more all things Apple that are about to happen this week. But it would be even nicer if you could mention the timing in a somewhat more international style (e.g. by adding the GMT time). I hate having to use time zone converters the whole time.

  10. From an Oct. 8 press release from Seagate…hence my guess about a Mac Mini AV coupled with the Airport Express AV…Oh..yeah..they will
    probably do the pink iPod Nano too…but who cares?

    Barracuda 7200.8

    Barracuda 7200.8 disc drives, the newest generation of the world’s most popular PC hard drive family, provide up to 400GB and fast performance with new cache sizes up to 16-Mbytes, a 7,200-rpm spin speed, and an 8.0-msec average seek time. It offers the industry’s first Native SATA interface with NCQ and support for the latest PC technology, including Intel Hyper-Threading. Barracuda 7200.8 enables fast data-transfer rates for hot-rod PC gaming systems and mainstream PCs, PC-based home media servers and entry-level SATA servers. With Seagate’s patented SoftSonic fluid dynamic bearing motors, Barracuda 7200.8 is extremely quiet, emitting as little as 2.0 bels at idle in the 120GB version.

    SATA NCQ interface technology will provide a new advantage in today’s systems with Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows multiple applications to send I/O requests at the same time. NCQ will boost performance still more when applications take advantage of Asynchronous I/O. In addition, NCQ increases drive reliability in heavy workloads by eliminating much of the mechanical wear and tear that a non-NCQ drive must endure to transfer the same amount of data.

  11. Apple is gonna make it past 5% marketshare, which Steve is gonna make a big deal out of, and then they are gonna unveil updated Dual core Power Macs, and a newer, thinner, nicer iMac.

    That’s my guess.

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