Mafiasoft?  Microsoft to ‘offer’ new subscription security protection racket

“Microsoft Corp. is gearing up to release a subscription service that will make it easier for network technicians at big businesses to make sure computers don’t fall prey to spyware or virus attacks,” Elizabeth M. Gillespie reports for The Associated Press. “The world’s largest software maker said Thursday it will release a test version of the service by the end of the year.”

Gillespie reports, “Scott Stanzel, senior product manager in Microsoft’s security technology unit, said Client Protection, as the company is calling it, will be similar to Windows OneCare, an all-in-one service the company is working on to bolster security for personal computers.
The Redmond, Wash., company has not said how much the service will cost or when it will be available in final form.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As stated before, there’s a tried and true name for people that will pay Microsoft for Windows and, on top of that, pay them extra for some promise of protection: “suckers.” Hate to break it to you this way, but if you’re that stupid, you deserve to use Windows, and only Windows, for the rest of your life.

We wonder what will happen if and when Microsoft’s security subscription earnings dip and need to be, ahem, “reinvigorated?”

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