Apple shares climb to new all-time high on reports of strong Mac and iPod sales, possible video iPod

Shares for Apple Computer hit a new all-time high of $55.35 in early morning NASDAQ trading today. Shares currently stand at $55.23, up $0.79, or 1.45%, on volume of 5,140,585.

Yesterday, UBS Investment Research Analyst Ben Reitzes noted that Apple’s Mac momentum continues to build. Reitzes also said that Apple could sell 10 million iPods in holiday quarter and noted that an Apple handheld device capable of video playback could be in the works.

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  1. Get a load of this. An article at Forbes said that Goldman Sachs said today, ‘After one more quarter of more than 20% Macintosh computer unit growth in the fiscal first quarter, due in part to easy comparisons, “Apple’s Mac growth should slow and begin to mirror overall PC industry growth.”‘

    Growth was “due to easy comparisons” ???? I’m continuously amazed at the rampant stupidity in the financial world. I could believe “due to easy choice after comparisons” or something like that but to have growth just because it was somehow easier to compare Mac & Windows lately, I just don’t get. And to top that off, this guy thinks the growth will slow soon I guess because for some unknown reason it will no longer be easy to compare the two systems…. or something like that.

    Ya don’t suppose the growth was due to award-winning hardware and rave reviews about Apple’s software? Someone give this guy a clue.

    (shaking head….rolling eyes)

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