RUMOR: Apple to deliver new iPod, Power Mac, PowerBook models this month

“Several pieces of evidence suggest that Apple is preparing new product introductions for next month, primarily new hard disk drive (HDD) iPods and professional Macs,” Apple Insider reports. “Like the [iPod] nano, Apple’s fifth-generation HDD iPods are expected to gain an Apple-designed click-wheel and see a significant reduction in overall size and volume.”

Appel Insider reports, “Sources believe the new players feature Toshiba’s perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) 1.8-inch HDDs, which are setting new benchmarks for data density. Toshiba has announced the drives in 40GB and 80GB capacities, with the 40GB model packing up to 10,000 songs or 25,000 photos on a single platter [meaning a massive 80GB iPod capable of storing 20,000 songs or 50,000 photos is possible].

In addition, “Apple remains in a position where they could suddenly introduce new professional Macs such as dual-core Power Mac G5s and jazzed-up PowerBooks G4s. Inventory levels of all Macs are are significantly lower than usual with the company’s September fiscal quarter ending earlier in the week,” Apple Insider reports. “While it has been reported that Apple continues to struggle with a final update to its PowerPC-based PowerBook G4 line, volume Macintosh buyers were told this week that they could expect Power Mac G5-related announcements sometime in the ‘next two weeks.'”

Full article with more details here.

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    MN: social. as in: Let’s keep things “social” here, folks!

  2. Also interesting different configs in the mac mini shipments. My tinfoil-hat theory is that they are flushing out media leaks. By updating specs in manufacutring without the product catalog, web design, etc… you basically know what area is leaking the info. (Or hope to at least)

  3. Tempus,

    I had a feeling someone would think of that. Of course, we all know that iPods have no blow job functionality. However, I’m sure it is a oft requested feature! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

    That said, probably couldn’t beat the real thing – even with Apple’s renown design and innovative skills!!

  4. Hey PottyMouth,

    Dude, you’re a little tighly wound. What does commenting on a slow news day (when MDN links to 4-day old articles) have to do with your inability to be polite?

    It’s not my fault you can’t wait. Why don’t you tell SJ what you told me? I’m sure he’ll put you at the top of the queue.

    Try not to soil your panties while you wait!….

  5. “Waiting to see if all new iPods will drop Firewire support. If so, I’m going to jump on a closeout of the current model.”

    I don’t think that will happen unless there is no physical room in the iPod for FireWire support – that’s the only reason the nano doesn’t support it.

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