invisibleSHIELD offers rugged, clear protection for Apple iPod nano and other iPod models

For those who think Apple’s iPod nano looks best just like it is, invisibleSHIELD offers the “iPod nano Full Body Protector”- an invisible, full-body wrap for the new iPod nano.

iPod nanos are made of the same materials as other iPods from Apple, but black iPod nano units tend to show scratches due to their dark color.

Accroding to InvisibleSHIELD, their “screen protectors can withstand major abuse. In fact, some of their resellers demo the product by jabbing the pointy ends of scissors into the screen protector – after they’ve installed the invisibleSHIELD on an iPod. The protectors are made of the same material as ones originally created to protect military helicopter blades.”

The InvisibleSHILED “iPod nano Full Body Protector” retails for US$19.95.

InvisibleSHILED also offers protectors for iPod, iPod mini, and iPod shuffle.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller this past Tuesday said, “If customers are concerned about scratching we suggest they use one of the many iPod nano cases to protect their iPod.”

More info here.

[Thanks to MDN readers Jack A. and Paul W.]
We hope to do a hands-on review of these protectors soon.

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  1. I would recommend this to anyone…especially for the iPod nano! A wonderful product. I’ve had mine for about a week or two and I love it. It offers full body protection without adding bulk or significantly changing the look of the iPod at all.

  2. I will be looking forward to reading MDN’s hands on review of these. The video’s and what I have heard from other people who have them have all been good so I plan on getting one for the nano (when I can get one).

    Here is another review that I found that is pretty good and give some good advice on application:

    InvisibleSHIELD Review

  3. Looks like a promising product but damn their Pen Test (see their video) has one major faux pas: while they claim that a pen cannot pierce it, note the little girl and where the pen is aiming. Had that thing ceded there’d be partially blind lil’ girl.

  4. >Anybody who has one know if InvisibleShield will protect more than just for scratching? Like, will it help keep if from getting destroyed in a pocket or anything durability wise?>

    Yes John, you can jump on it, swallow it and pass it –even flush it and scoop it out of your septic tank.. It’s a bloomin’ toon tiddler for G–sake!

  5. Now who’s tried removing one of these things once it’s been dried? They say on InvisibleShield’s site it can be done, but to do it slowly. What’s been left behind if anything on the iPod?

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