Motorola CEO Zander: Apple to build a smart phone, it’s only a matter of time

“Motorola CEO Ed Zander on Thursday downplayed disparaging remarks he made last week about Apple Computer’s newest music player and predicted that the Mac maker will build its own cell phone,” Mike Ricciuti reports for CNET News. “Zander said his comments about the Nano were ‘taken completely out of context. We have a great relationship with Apple. I’ve known Steve Jobs for 15 years. Sure, there is some tension there. We have the Rokr, and they have the Nano. They are a competitor as well as a partner.'”

Ricciuti reports, “He also added fuel to persistent speculation about Apple’s interest in producing its own phone. ‘And we know that they are going to build a smart phone–it’s only a matter of time.'”

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As we’ve said many times, Apple would be making a stupid mistake if they weren’t working on an Apple-branded “iPhone.” We think there’s a good chance they’ll continue to pooh-pooh the idea right up until the day they release it. Why give potential competitors any ideas, right?

As we wrote on Tuesday, “The ‘Apple iPhone’ as an iPod accessory would work best. When the two are married, the screen and battery (all or some of the power) come from the iPod and the phone necessities (buttons, internals) are in the ‘iPhone’ unit that the iPod slips into or that slips onto the iPod. Perhaps the iPhone doesn’t even work without an iPod. There are many ways to approach this and, like Jobs’ initial comments that putting an iMac behind a screen wasn’t the best solution and then later debuting the iMac G5, we hope Apple’s just diverting competitors’ attention while working hard on ideas.”

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  1. phones? bleh.. boring.. why bother.. so many to choose from already.. what a pedestrian idea…

    remember the rumored Apple Palmpilot device? Same thing.. already too many people doing it.. no real profits to be had..c

  2. iPhone, like ROKR in terms of product positioning, is really a dumb idea, suicidal attempt. MDN, don’t be stupid! Apple, don’t try to be stupid!

    iPhone as an accessory for iPod? Super super super dumb! Definitely not respecting our life-style user experience. You want to push Apple back to the niche market? Don’t be stupid MDN.

    What will make the next big digital companion market bloom will be a real robust mobile OS. Of course, I am not talking about MSMobil 5. Palm’s move to MSMobil 5 however is not done without thoughts. Because they have no choice.

    So, Apple… please roll out your mobile OS fast, and of course together with your sleek smartphone hardware…

    Name? Why not choose from the insect’s world this time…

  3. And Ar, Newton? It is once a cool Mac fan’s gadget… Still loving it as my collectable.

    Apple should be able to come up with a better ‘Insect’ digital companion now! But definitely not combining iPod with it! (please don’t Steve)

    We don’t need desktop-power MSOffice on the ‘Insect’, but a light version will be cool enough. Of course, the ease of sync sync sync… with Mac as well as Windoz and other Unix machines…

  4. Steve, it’s just my wish-list, not a greedy one though!

    I am looking forward to being able to present my ‘Keynote’ presentation from the ‘Insect’. Hopefully Intel can help in such regard in making the mobile graphic engine cool!

    Also, as long as I can play Quicktime or MPEG4 video podcast on the ‘Insect’… I will be happy! I never like enjoying movies on this kind of digital devices. I like BIG SCREEN theatre.

  5. I’ve had a WMobile based PDA and now own iQue 3600 and Treo 650. I HATE the WMobile trash! I’m OK with Palm OS, altough its ancient feel and still doesn’t sync perfect, even with MissinSync. Take my credit card, too, Steve! I’ll buy an Apple/OSX phone and/or PDA, whatever, just get me out of Palm and WMobile hell.

    Wonder why so many Windows/WMobile users? Because there are way TOO MANY technological IGNORANT folk out there, that’s why. and some are plain DUMB to recognize the intelligence and class of Apple/OSX.

    Screw Linux. Apple rules!

  6. Apple went along with the crappy ROKR and other Motorola iTunes phones in order to lead folks to believe the covergence of music and cellphone will be a rather lame experience. The ROKR launch went over like a lead baloon. The forthcoming and crippled Motorola iTunes phones will quench the thirst of the overeager convergence crowd, but convince everyone else to stick with the iPod.

    They will talk down the idea of an iPhone until the day they launch it. Apple will release an iPhone. They are just waiting to pounce. It will be cellular and WiFi capable. It will work flawlessly on Google’s free WiFi network with full access to the iTunes Music Store to purchase music and download podcasts. Google and Apple have plans reshape the computer and music industries. The major label record companies, Microsoft, and telcos are in for a rude and long overdue awakening.



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