Apple Canada announces claims process for iPod levy refunds

“Apple Canada has announced a claims process for customers who bought IPods from Dec. 13, 2003 to Dec. 21, 2004 and were charged a levy that has since been struck down by the courts,” The Canadian Press reports. “‘As we announced last month, Apple is refunding money collected through Canada’s blank media levy,’ the company said in a statement.”

“In July, the Supreme Court of Canada backed a Federal Court of Canada decision quashing the levy on IPods and other digital music players,” CP reports. “While the levy was in place, it added $15 to the cost of an IPod with up to 10 GBs, and $25 for digital music players with more than 10 GBs. Any money that isn’t claimed by Dec. 31, 2005 will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross, Apple said.”

Full article here.

More info via Apple Canada here:

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