Apple’s iPod and iTunes top INDEX:2005 design awards

Friday night, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince presented the INDEX:2005 awards and a total of €500,000 to the winners of the large design event. The international INDEX:2005 jury selected the five designs that they view to have improved life within the last five years in the following five categories: body, home, work, play and community. The winners also received prizes from Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen.

With the INDEX: Award, INDEX: seeks to illustrate just what Design to Improve Life truly is. We exhibit some of the best examples of ‘Design to Improve Life’ that have improved life for vast numbers of people, and award the 5 best ones. Prior to awarding the INDEX: Award, 150 leading design institutions in North America, Europe and parts of Asia have, over the course of a year, submitted their nominations for the INDEX: Award. The INDEX: international jury have then select the 118 top nominees before choosing the five winners.

Among the five winners was Apple Computer for iTunes, iPod (category: play) – design by Apple Design Team, USA

iPod together with Apple’s iTunes software is truly changing the way people experience their music. iPod allows a music fan to have their entire music collection with them anytime, anywhere. The iTunes software provides unparalleled ease of use for organization and sharing of music as well as recorded literature and images. Playlists can be shared with other computers across a network via Apple’s Bonjour technology. iTunes secures that music users pay for their music… With the introduction of iPod and iTunes, Apple offers a solution that pleases artists, media distributors and customers. It has been an instant and huge hit worldwide, a true cultural phenomenon.

More information, including the four other category winners (body, home, work, and community) here.


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