CSFB: Apple Computer is top pick in PC hardware sector

“Credit Suisse First Boston said PC hardware showed solid unit growth for August of 23% year-over-year, but added that revenue growth for the period was slow at just 2%,” David Ng reports for Forbes.

“The research firm said its top pick in the sector remains Apple Computer. ‘From a vendor perspective, Apple Computer was the clear winner, as overall units and revenue grew 93% and 66% year-over-year, respectively,’ the research firm said,” Ng reports.

Full article here.


  1. In business when your green, your growing.

    If your ripe, your rotting.

    Look at SONY, M$, HP, IBM, they ripened and now they are rotting.

    IBM sold their PC division, HP, Sony and now M$ are reorganizing/downsizing.

    Tough times are ahead, more and more people will be unable to afford computers as they shift their spending to increased fuel and other costs.

    The professionals and those a bit better off will be buying Mac’s.

    Apple’s market-share may increase because of a decrease in PC sales, once Apple comes out with solid state Nano looking notebooks the bulky PC will look even more decrepit.

  2. Not necessarily a gain if the market has grown by 101%.

    But in this case I think it’s going to be a modest gain. A couple more years and the market share might be a lot more respectable. I certainly hope so.

  3. Apple should seriously think about a partnership of some sort with Google if they realy want to conquer the evil empire. That’s if Google want anything to do with Apple of course. But hey it’s not about who has more market share/who sells the most blah blah.. It’s about making a good quality product.

  4. Hywel, you drunken twit:

    Re-read the article!

    The PC industry unit sales grew 23%, Macintosh unit sales grew 93%. That’ s better than 4x unit sales growth!

    Likewise, PC industry revenue growth was 2%, while Apple revenue growth was (doen’t say if that does or does not include iPods) was 66%. Thats 33x!

    So I don’t know know where you came up with 101, unless you’re reading the label of that bottle of Wild Turkey 101 you and Rob Enderle have been sharing.

    MW = view, as in Hywel & Enderle must view the world thru beer googles

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