Australia’s million iPod users are all breaking piracy laws

“Australia’s million iPod users are all breaking the law. A Herald Sun investigation has found — despite the popularity of the pastime — no legal method exists for Australian iPod owners to fill their player with music. And they could face court with anti-piracy groups refusing to rule out suing users of the popular player,” Liam Houlihan reports for The Herald Sun.

“None of the tunes available from legal download internet sites are compatible with the Apple iPod music players. The common method of ‘ripping’ tunes on to an iPod from the user’s own CD collection is illegal — as a breach of copyright laws. And unlike Britain and the US, Australia does not yet have an Apple iTunes store for iPod-compatible legal downloads. An estimated million people nationwide have already bought and put music on their iPods — the most popular model of MP3 player,” Houlihan reports. “But all methods of filling the player with music are illegal, which means Australia’s hundreds of thousands of iPod users are all technically criminals.”

Full article here.
Near the end of the article, iPod owner Claire Cohen is quoted, “When I got my iPod I got online ready to pay. Hours later and after being devastated to find out Apple doesn’t care about iPod owners, I had to give up.” Cohen’s wrong. It’s reportedly Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music that are holding up Apple’s iTunes Music Store Australia. It’s Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music that don’t care about iPod owners, certainly not Apple.

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  1. being devastated to find out Apple doesn’t care about iPod owners, I had to give up.” Cohen’s wrong

    Apple’s not a record label…

    Ever heard of ripping CD’s?

    Ah yes.. legal music.. don’t blame Apple for your own theft lol

  2. Doesnt matter about the iTMS, it’s the screwed up copyright law they have down there that people should be angry about. I mean, what are they going to do, rebuy all of the music they already own on CD through the iTunes store? I dont think so.

    These people needs to get off their butts and get the law changed.

    MW ‘such’ as in we need to be careful or SUCH a law may find its way onto the books in the US too.

  3. ok got that out of my system……

    a quote

    “Speaking on condition of anonymity, one label executive said Jobs’ desire to keep pricing at 99 cents had a very simple explanation: ‘It helps him sell iPods. When he started iTunes, he broke through that psychological barrier that consumers had and made a lot of dough doing it, but it seems like he has a monopoly and he’s become the Wal-Mart of the Internet, and he wants to retain that monopoly.'”

    errrr….. right……. as i said elsewhere i cant believe anyone bought an ipod just to access itunes.

    this is disingenuous to the point of criminality. i fear a period of great turmoil and the forces of darkness may yet prevail……..

    but the vistory will be phyrric and all will loose.

    allah is great (but are beards really necessary?)

  4. Oh sorry my mistake. I was unaware that ripping my own personal CDs was illegal. So why is the ipod not a prohibited import or something. What do they expext? People are gonna fill 60gigs with voice recordings?

  5. Did you guys who commented about ripping a cd to the ipod not even read the article above? READ the entire thing next time before you spout off crap.. it’s ILLEGAL in Australia to rip songs from a CD! comprehend??

    MW=leave; I think i’ll leave my brain at home to rest today!

  6. I don’t know why this might be surprising – after all, Austrailia was colonized by the British as a Penal Colony – criminal activity is in their heritage ; )

    The above is meant as a joke – but I don’t blame them for violating this law.

  7. Right then. I gets me an iPod and rip me own CDs and winds up in the clink.

    So, the govner is making tax dollars from me from a product I buy in which I commit a crime if I use it as intended, yet I’ms the one who goes to jail?

  8. If this is absolutely true…

    — no legal method exists for Australian iPod owners to fill their player with music. —

    Then gee whizz Apple Centers, Myers, Dick Smith and all the other re sellers, and the purchases of ipods are in fact breaking the law, and undoubtedly should be thrown in amongst the rapists and murderers at our local correctional facility.

    I think they’d have a much easier task on there hands if they just got out a copy of the law and bottle of white out/tippex and just make a few little changes.

  9. So can I fly to New Zealand and fill it there? Will i be allowed to bring it back into the country?

    Actually I can see someone setting up business on an island somewhere loading iPods for a living. Not a bad life.

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