Apple’s Mac mini: The Universal Network Appliance

“If you’ve been looking for a small, inexpensive, pre-configured Unix server to use as a workhorse for small network missions, look no futher than Apple Computer. That’s exactly what Apple has unwittingly delivered in its $499 Mac mini platform. Originally intended to woo Windows users to the Mac, the mini is a cunning combination of packaging and features made to order for networking chores. Whether it’s DHCP and DNS, e-mail, Web hosting, or intrusion detection, the mini will meet your utility server needs faster than you can call Steve Jobs to make a lunch appointment,” Mel Beckman writes for Dr. I. Doctor.

“Here’s what you get for $499: A svelte 6″ by 6″ by 2″ machine with 40GB disk, 512MB RAM, monitor, USB, FireWire and modem ports, all fully operational right out of the box. That alone is worth a lot, since installing your average Linux distribution and securely configuring it on the average generic CPU is easily a half-day project. Multiply your hourly value by four, and I’ll wager you come awfully close to the mini’s $500 cost, which means that Linux alternative costs twice the mini’s price, assuming you can find bare hardware that small and cheap (I couldn’t)… And the mini is secure out of the box,” Beckman writes.

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