Speakables for iTunes: voice launch Apple iTunes playlists, podcasts, radio stations, and more

Speakables for iTunes works with Speakable Items, the free voice recognition software that is already contained in your Apple Mac OS X computer. Speakable Items allows you to control your Mac with simple voice commands. There are many common voice commands built in that you can already use right away, or create your own.

If you haven’t activated Speakable Items before, here are some simple instructions and helpful tips.

Speakable for iTunes extends the capabilities of Speakable Items by allowing you to make your Playlists “speakable” (that is, they will begin playing when you say the name of the playlist) –something you can’t do with Speakable Items alone.

Speakables for iTunes is US$10. More info here.


  1. Good idea and a way for some apple scripter to make some bucks. I used the voice recog a bit recently and then my PowerMac died and I haven’t set it up again yet. It can be way cool but still a little flaky at times. I hope Apple can devote some dev time to it and we can get a bit closer to the Star Trek ideal – “Computer!, calculate the time it will take me to reach XXX given current traffic conditions”

    If I get the voice recog going again I may just buy these.

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