Macs need not apply for use on UK Parliament network

“The Houses of Parliament are in thrall to a faction of IT bullies – at least that’s what a number of politicians have moaned to us. Their misery stems from the Parliamentary Communications Directorate, which is responsible for maintaining the IT networks for the Commons and Lords. A cabal of MPs has complained to us that Citrix, Parliament’s hated and apparently ‘hopeless’ computer system, keeps crashing and losing MPs’ work. But the PCD is also guilty of appalling discrimination. Quite simply, Citrix is not compatible with Apple Macs, the cuddly, user-friendly machines and brainchild of Steve Jobs, preferred by designer types,” the Telegraph reports. “Dealing with Macs is not something that seems to baffle the IT departments of most companies. And shouldn’t our legislators, of all people, show that they approve of software diversity and are not wholly in thrall to Microsoft.”

Full article here.

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  1. Quote: “…And shouldn’t our legislators, of all people, show that they approve of software diversity and are not wholly in thrall to Microsoft.”

    Too bloody right they should! Unfortunately Mr Tony is so far up Billy G’s backside its a wonder he hasn’t vanished altogether.


  2. My company uses/abuses Citrix so rampantly that we probably single-handedly keep that company in business. It’s awful and is a logistical nightmare for our help desk to maintain, but it’s our only option currently, due to the way our network was designed. That said, it works the same on my PowerBook as it does on our thin clients and business office machines. “Not compatible” just isn’t true.

    Magic Word: military. I’m not going there, it’ll get political and that’s unncessary.

  3. muntz

    Enough about what you get up to at weekends. We’re talking Citrix here ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    MW aid : Don’t forget those Hurricane survivors!!!

  4. Why in the F##K are they still using Citrix?\

    Thats the REAL question…

    And that is a stupid comment saying macs dont work with citrix..>WHAT THE HELL IS THE ICA Client For????

    My God, if these people had brains they’d be deadly.

  5. The UK Government has had more IT disasters than its made decisions over the last few years.

    They are ripped off. They are bamboozled and flummoxed by it all. So no surprise that Microsoft and crud products like Citrix are what dominate.

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