Apple cuts Kanye West performance from QuickTime stream of special event

Apple has cut the performance of Kanye West from the QuickTime stream of its special event in San Francisco.

In the original QuickTime Stream, Kayne West’s performance was included along with its attendant explicit language. The total run time (TRT) of the QT stream was originally 1:04:57. Now it clocks in at 48:15.

We’re not sure if Apple cut it becaus of the explicti language, because it just plain sounded so bad, or because West has been critical of the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts during a national telethon broadcast and then again on the U.S. daytime show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or for some other reason.

The link revised QuickTime stream is here.

[Attribution: MacNN]
A note about the aftermath of hurricanes: MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews staff weathered four hurricanes between 1996-1999 (Hurricane Bertha, Hurricane Fran, Hurricane Bonnie, Hurricane Floyd) while living in Wilmington, NC and Surf City, NC. Direct hits, all of them.

In each case, people would get all fired up about the “slow” response, start screaming about why they couldn’t go back to their homes, etc. We did the same thing after our first hurricane. Until we learned a few simple rules:
• You can’t go back to your house if there are no roads leading to it and/or there is water where there wasn’t before.
• Bureaucracies are slow, love to wrap themselves in red tape and, if there are no roads for you, there are no roads for them, so it takes awhile to get assistance back into the damaged area.
• Get a generator if you want electricity immediately.
• Things cannot be instantly fixed.
• You won’t have Internet access or cable TV for quite some time. Count yourself among the lucky ones if you still have a roof over your head.
• The initial reports of lives lost were always too high.
• Get used to hearing bulldozers and dump trucks because they’ll be driving around while you’re trying to sleep for months.
• Don’t try to ride out a hurricane if you live on a sand bar (or in a bowl below sea level).
• People make mistakes, but generally, the government officials were trying to help the best they knew how before, during, and after each hurricane.
• We learned how to do it better each time. Louisiana will, too.

After each hurricane hit, new people would move in and the next hurricane would hit and they would start screaming about “slow” response and yelling to go back to their house via washed out roads and the rest of us would look at them and try to explain, usually unsuccessfully. Then they would learn and look at the next batch of newcomers and try to explain to them.

When the next hurricane hits somewhere, the government response won’t be instant, electricity won’t come back on immediately, and people who haven’t been through it before will begin to scream about “slow” response.

As for Katrina, response has been slower before:

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  1. Actually, I was quite surprised that they originally INCLUDED the Kanye West performance. The last special event in San Jose, as you may recall, featured Bono and The Edge doing an acoustic performance that was also edited out. So while I watched the S.F. feed with West, I was pleasantly surprised to see both of his songs being performed.

  2. when i first saw the stream – i always thought it quite bizarre to have kayne west perform for a media event with yo yo ma in the audience.

    his performance did not fit the style of event. it was embarrassing to watch.

    glad they cut it. now, let all the rap fan/conspiracy therist flames begin!!!

  3. I caught the unedited feed as well and was also pleasantly surprised the artist’s performance was included. Complete with his ‘dis’ of George Bush (and his ilk). Talk about “edge”.

    Rock on Kanye West!

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  4. Kanye West’s performance was embarassingly horrific. I’d say, on par with something you’d expect to see in a highschool gymnasium. His people probably requested it be removed so that no one will remember it or have proof that it occured. Egad.

  5. ‘webbyswim’ wrote: “when i first saw the stream – i always thought it quite bizarre to have kayne west perform for a media event with yo yo ma in the audience.

    his performance did not fit the style of event. it was embarrassing to watch.”

    Yo Yo Ma is quoted as saying he hates R&B, Rap, Alternative and generally anything that sounds very “rhythmic” because in his words, “He is basically a one dimensional Gumbie”.

    So ‘webbyswim’ I guess you are right.

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  6. Good Kanye West is not a great ambassitor for Apple. He has made some great comments like “George Bush hates black people” afte rthe New Orleans disaster. Not to mention his “Jesus Walks” song he performs along side his other trash.

    I don’t care that he may or may not be on one side of the fence. I just want him to pick a side and stay there.

    MDN: makes

  7. they probably didn’t have the rights to it, or the feed wasn’t drm. i did see the orig, and i’d like to hand it too apple for not cancelling that portion, as did kanye. it wasn’t the best venue for a solo hiphop performance anyways, kanye’s performance at live aid was better. there’s an article on slate about kanye that has some free downloads off his new album. they’re .asf so if your on a mac you’ll need easywma to convert.

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