pearLyrics 0.5 freeware released: looks up lyrics for Apple iTunes songs

Whether you play a song in iTunes or enter artist name and song title manually, pearLyrics will try to find the right lyrics for you, and it’s pretty good at it. pearLyrics then consults up to seven different servers to do its best and find the lyrics for which you are looking. Available as standalone application (handy for those still preferring Panther) as well as a Dashboard widget for Tiger.

pearLyrics can automatically copy found lyrics into your iTunes 5 library, edit lyrics in iTunes 5 and have them displayed in pearLyrics. Also, if pearLyrics could not find any lyrics, just look them up in Google with a simple click. Finally, you can also have multiple pearLyrics widgets running, i.e. one for lyrics, one for chords…just to mention a few highlights.

What’s new in this version:
• Both: now also looks in iTunes Library for song lyrics if iTunes is running (iTunes 5 or higher)
• Both: option to automatically copy found lyrics into your iTunes Library (iTunes 5 or higher)
• Both: fine tuned search algorithms for more accurate search results
• Widget: support for multiple instances with different settings (i.e. one for chords, one for lyrics)
• Widget: option to look up lyrics on Google if no lyrics were found
• Widget: option to refetch lyrics from the web if they were taken from the pearLyrics cache

Requires MacOS X 10.3 or higher for the standalone application.
Requires MacOS X 10.4 or higher for Dashboard widget.

More info, screenshots, and download link here.


  1. Finally!! I tried to paste lyrics into the Comment tab but it didn’t allow for enough characters!! I submitted this as a feature request a while back, shortly after upgrading to Tiger because I thought it’d be great to be able to do Spotlight searches for lyrics.

    Now, will tracks downloaded from iTunes automatically contain lyrics?

  2. Sing That iTunes is better because it stores the lyrics. You can easily move all of the lyrics into the notes section of the iPod. On the iPod, you can view the lyrics, and listen to the song just by clicking the link or whatever it is.

  3. Whoa, this is awesome! I just laid 200 song lyrics into iTunes by simply playing a tune, waiting for pLyrics to load them into the iTunes lyrics tab, then playing the next song.

    Using the arrow keys, it takes about 10 seconds per song to get the lyrics in there until I arrow to the next tune.

    Very slick!

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