Apple Computer shares vault to another new all-time high

Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) shares today closed at $51.31, up $1.53, or 3.07% on heavy volume of 21,985,020 shares to mark a new all-time high following announcements of iTunes 5 music jukebox software, a new iPod, the “iPod nano,” and the Motorola ROKR mobile phone containing Apple iTunes mobile software.

A slew of analysts from various firms have in recent days increased price targets on Apple Computer. Piper Jaffray yesterday raised their target price from $52 to $60, Credit Suisse First Boston raised its price target to $56 from $45, First Albany upped its Apple price target to $53 from $48, and UBS raised Apple’s price target to $59 from $54.

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  1. You know, I remember having dinner with Ballmer and his sleazy wife about 8 years ago. He was all high and mighty back then. Well, mostly high. But anyway, as soon as we all learned that Steve-o was heading back to Apple, he stopped coming out for dinner and drinks so much. Of course, eventually he even stopped returning my calls.

    I remember one day at Chez Pre in the Hollywood hills he pulled out this hand-rolled Cuban beauty. Lit it up right in front of me, my bitch, and Scott McNealy and his “date”. Had a whole box, but wouldn’t give any to de rest of us. Even blew smoke in our faces, all de while blubbering “Microsoft can’t be beaten, Microsoft rules the world!”, yadda yadda yadda.

    Well, tubman, here’s de thing: Payback is a bitch. So, on behalf of all of my fellow Apple stockholders, I light one up in rememberance of your better days. And I blow smoke rings in your direction, because you and your company are quickly becoming a big, fat, zero!

    Yeh-heh-hehehessssssss. They always say that victory is so much sweeter when you can watch your competition bite it big time. We are ALL truly loving these heady days, Monkey Boy.

    And by de way, in a language you apparently understand — Go F#*K yourself, you fat, stupid motherf#*ker.

    (Oh, I almost forgot: I just threw a chair across de room in your honor.)


  2. Even Forest Gump knew when to buy Apple shares. Shouldn’t we ‘more educated’ Mac users buy shares too and let the switchers buy the next round of Macs? Or are we saying we’re dumber than Forest!

    [Southern drawl] Jenny, I may not be a smart man, but I know what a good share is…

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