Apple’s Jobs: ‘It would have broken my heart’ if iPod nano debut spoiled by rumor sites (but it was)

“The iPod nano, which stores either 500 or 1,000 songs and is priced at $199 and $249, is intended to replace an existing model, the iPod Mini. The new device will be available in the United States, Japan and Europe this week,” John Markoff reports for The New York Times. “‘The iPod nano is the biggest revolution since the original iPod,’ Apple CEO Steve Jobs said. In an interview after his presentation, he called the new player, which is one of the industry’s smallest, a ‘bold gamble.’ By replacing the Mini, which accounts for more than half of all iPods currently sold, the company risked a huge revenue shortfall if the new product had been delayed, Mr. Jobs said. Despite that risk, he said, the nano reflects several innovations.”

Markoff reports, “He focused on the shift away from the small disk-drive storage device used in the iPod Mini to the solid-state flash memory at the heart of the nano. He said the custom chips and the miniaturized circuit board used in the nano had also been potential stumbling blocks. ‘Entire factories were created to make this device,’ he said. ‘Overnight we have become the largest consumer of flash memory in the world.'”

Markoff reports, “Mr. Jobs described an Apple ‘top 100’ meeting earlier this year – a retreat of the company’s top employees – where he urged those attending to take a big risk rather than fall into complacency in protecting the company’s lead in digital music… Several analysts said that Apple had moved the introduction of the nano ahead to ensure it would be widely available for the holiday season… Mr. Jobs said on Wednesday that he was pleased that the details surrounding the nano player had not surfaced prematurely in the press or on the Macintosh rumor sites on the Web. ‘It would have broken my heart,’ he said.”

Full article here.

Markoff also has an audio report on Apple’s New Products here (Requires Real Player).

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.
It’s a good thing Steve Jobs doesn’t read Kevin Rose or he’d have been scrambling for a cardiologist. Rose reported on Monday, September 5th: “Why wait till Wed? New 2GB ipod called the ‘Nano’ – it will sport a color screen and will be much smaller and thinner than a mini. Price = $199. You heard it here first.”

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  1. Two DAYS in advance of the announcement on a site only a very few consumers may even know about (I don’t check it), is not much of a leak! SJ is correct to be pleased that the nano stayed under wraps almost until the day of the announcement itself. No marketing damage was done. Most MDN people didn’t know about it. In this case, two DAYS in advance was not damagingly “premature” at all.

    Contrast that with the phone…

  2. And Kevin didn’t have all of the details right (like that it would also have a 4GB version, or that it would be available in 2 colors, etc), nor any photos or even an accurate description of the nano’s appearance either. So it wasn’t that much of a spoiler really anyway. Certainly not anything like the Mac mini leak was anyway.

  3. I hope he doesn’t watch Attach of the Show yesterday. Kevin passed off all of Apple’s announcements as non-news. Thank God for online shows. G4 should change their name, they are so anti-Apple.

  4. eon, I doubt Steve could care less about a wanna be tech-journalist like Kevin has to say. after all he only reviews products when he starts making them maybe his comments could possibly be a torn to steve.

  5. I’m with MacDude, speculation is one thing, exposing facts in advance is bad form – if you support Apple’s drive for innovation.

    Agree also with Joe that Nano is a great name… just watch it spawn myriads of new ‘Nano this’ and ‘Nano thats’…

    Hats off -again- to Apple.

  6. apple didn’t design the rokr, motorola did. what about that don’t you understand? if apple had designed it then steve would’ve announced it instead of the president of moto. why do people assum apple had anything to do with the design specs? they just designed the itune/ipod interface. none of the press has ever stated apple designed the thing. good god, man.

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