Analysts mixed on Motorola ROKR Apple iTunes phone: lacks ‘emotive cachet,’ but will fly off shelves

“Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday unveiled a cellphone that plays music like an iPod… The phone, developed with Motorola Inc., can store up to 100 songs and has a color screen, stereo speakers, stereo headphones and a camera. It is Apple’s long-awaited foray into the wireless realm,” Duncan Martell and Sinead Carew report for Reuters. “But some said the silver phone was not stylish enough for the high expectations set by Apple’s iPod and Motorola’s slim flagship Razr phone, and others complained about its song capacity since iPod users are used to carrying thousands of songs. ‘It doesn’t have the emotive cachet that the Razr or the iPod has,’ said Yankee Group analyst John Jackson. ‘When you whip this out in the bar, nobody’s going to say, ‘That’s a cool device.””

Martell and Carew report, “Cingular does not make money off songs played on the phones, but hopes they will help boost sales and reduce customer defections to rival services. One analyst said it could become Cingular’s top-selling phone by next year. ‘If this phone is easy to use, at this price I think it will fly off the shelves,’ Charter Equity analyst Ed Snyder said. ‘Cingular will reap the benefits of the combination of Motorola and Apple’s brands.’ The phone does not allow for wireless downloads, but it does eliminate the need for carrying two separate gadgets.”

Full article here.

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  1. The best part is.. they made it look like Motorola event; probably Motorola paid for the venue etc. arranging for this thing; and Jobs uses it to unveil iPod nano. Great! Saved some dollars there for the company.

    MDN Magic Word: Thirty… “Saved at least thirty bucks.”

  2. Actually bscepter, while this phone is awful looking, the RAZR is ugly too. As soon as you hold it in your hand you can tell they just pancaked the phone from something thicker and made it way too wide and way too long. It’s a usability nightmare in my opinion, I would never want to put it in my pocket because of the way it’s shaped. Still, that’s only my opinion, but I really had hopes Moto wouldn’t have chosen this awful looking phone for the iTunes mobile debut.

  3. Here’s some interesting info also:

    What type of memory card is supported on my mobile phone with iTunes?

    Mobile phones with iTunes manufactured by Motorola accept TransFlash memory cards.

    Looks like it can use multiple flash cards maybe…

  4. I won’t be getting this phone, as it is GSM and will be carried by Rogers Wireless in Canada. I’m a CDMA Telus person, and I want my phone to be a phone. But in the big picture, look at what each player in the group gets out of this deal.

    Cingular-exclusivity and piggybacking popular iPod/iTunes movement with no big investment on their part=customer retention at a minimum. This in the very competetive cell phone industry. This applies to other carriers as well. Rogers is already plugging music phones, that play your songs to callers while they wait for you to answer.

    Motorola- regain some lost momentum/coolness in the equipment market, now a big piece of their business. While the ROKR might not be the coolest looking phone right now, I am sure that other phones will be along in 6 months or so. Also, the exclusivity with the most popular music experience around (iPod/iTunes)

    Apple-expose the iTunes experience to even more people. Software is free, sell some songs in the bargain, get people hankering for a real iPod (altho probably not the shuffle!), then onto a Mac.

    keep and get more subscribers-sell more phones-sell more iPods(and maybe Macs)

    The phone is the thin edge of the wedge for Apple, or what I saw someone call “Apple’s new gateway drug”

  5. had motorola released this at an event on it’s own, it would’ve been a dud. watch the keynote, the moto part is a snore. they’re lucky apple released the nano, that’s the real story. the rokr will win by association, as well as press release. most of the press is going apple released ipod phone and buried in the release is info about the nano.

  6. Macaholic, Join the Telus boycott. They are arseholes who do not bargain in good faith and have locked out their employees. I’ve been boycotting them for two years now, long before the lockout because they treat their customers like shite. Crappiest Corporation in Canada.

  7. Applereseller. RE: Telus, actually I have been with their service since it was ClearNet, and while I think people service has gone downhill since Telus bought them, I am less impressed with Bell and Rogers as they do not offer the plans that work for me. When I was driving transport in the U.S., telus had the best plan for avoiding roaming and LD charges. Bell’s labour problems have affected my family personally, Rogers gets enough of my money now, and Fido is a lost cause.

    MW-include as in “Rokr phone, include me out” plus I am sh*t outta luck on the Nano as i have no usb 2

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