Verizon delays mobile music service to early 2006

“Verizon Wireless, which had been working to get a mobile music service up and running in time for the upcoming holiday season, will not be rolling out the service until early 2006,” Peter Kafka reports for Forbes.

“That means the carrier will likely be the third to introduce a mass-market music service in the U.S.: Sprint Nextel has announced plans to roll out a similar service this year; and Cingular Wireless is expected to announce Sept. 7 that it has aligned with Apple Computer and Motorola to market phones that work with iTunes software to let users download music files from their computers,” Kafka reports. “Cingular’s hook-up with Apple isn’t likely to generate any ancillary revenue for Cingular but instead help retain customers and attract new ones.”

Full article here.

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  1. Since no one seems to care and this just might be the first post…change of subject.

    The US is usually one of the first to help when there’s a natural disaster anywhere in the world. So where the hell is some outside help? Come on Europe, Asia, Russia send some support. The people in Gulf States need tons of it.

  2. To the troll called “Need Help”:

    This morning, a specialized search and rescue team is heading from Vancouver, British Columbia to help in the body-recovery effort. Also, countries including Russia and Germany have offered help, and will give it *if* *asked*. Even Venezuela, which has had tense relationships with the White House, have offered actual help:

    Here’s the link:

    Interesting quote from the story:

    “The most concrete offer came from Venezuela, which offered to send fuel and humanitarian aid to victims, despite otherwise strained relations with the United States. A senior State Department official said he was not aware of Caracas’ proposal but noted that unsolicited offers can be ‘counterproductive.’ “

    Of course, evangelical idiot Pat Robertson advocated the assassination of Venezuela’s president last week.

    Troll, you should rename yourself to “Need A Clue” because you obviously don’t have one.

  3. Canada ready to help, US officials still assessing needs.

    “Yesterday, the Department of Human Health Services in the U.S. contacted our public health agency and asked for an inventory of emergency supplies that, if they need them, we could send at a moment’s notice.”

    That inventory was completed Wednesday.

    American officials are still assessing their needs, but in coming days Canada will be prepared to send everything from water purification systems to the Canadian military’s Disaster Assistance Response Team.

  4. Thank you Mac Yak and KA. I was wondering if any offers were given. I’m glad to see there have been.

    As for the phone, I think I know why Verizon has delayed their Mobile Music service launch…they’re going to use the Microsoft Method™. “Wait and see what Apple comes up with, COPY SHAMELESSLY”.

    Or something like htat.

  5. Mak Yak:
    Some of us are up to are knees in muck trying to help and our only down time is spent contacting friends and family and maybe a little R&R cruising a few sites. We can’t spend all our time watching CNN, FOX, etc. and as such don’t have a clue. Take a valium. You can’t be a Canadian, you’re too arrogant.

    Sorry if the “troll” pissed you off.

  6. “Need Help”:

    You’re on the Net, so you could have easily Googled all sorts of stories as I did about the offers of help, instead of whining that “there’s no help.” I repeat: you “Need A Clue.”

  7. I’d love to see what profile this phone has. It better have bluetooth, too, otherwise it’s out of the question. My contract expires 11 days after this phone comes out, so it’s either this, the SonyEricsson S710, or the RAZR. The SE is in the lead right now.

    MW: voice. As in the only thing that really matters on the phone.

  8. I got a Motorola e815 from Verizon. It has the wonderful ability (not that I pay for it) to download little these lame two minute “clips” and watch them on your phone (Vcast through EVDO).

    They seem to be working backasswards though.

    To me, getting mp3’s on your phone seems like it should be an easier task than getting video clips. Verizon is soo afraid of the big bad consumer converting downloaded music into ringtones. They’re so afraid they’ll lose their Billion dollar revenues from charging millions of people $1.99 for a 20 second ringtone. Verizon has even cripled the Bluetooth in all their phones for this same reason.

    As far as I can see as of now, Verizon has the widest coverage, the best customer service, and the biggest share of the market. Verizon has almost too much power.

    I sincerely hope that the Cingular deal with Apple will level the playing field between mobile carriers. Maybe Verizon will open its eyes a bit more and have to start offering better and more open phones, and of course get their asses out of their hats on getting low cost music on phones.


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