Report: Apple’s Mac OS X running on AMD CPUs

“Apple on x86 is a tempest in a teapot. People are way overblowing the impact of the beta release on not-even-close-to-final hardware, and the tin foil hat crowd is having a heyday. Everything from how to pirate it and to conspiracy theories running rampant,” Charlie Demerjian writes for The Inquirer. “Then some pictures arrived in my inbox, along with a little explanation that made me sit up and take notice.”

“First, this is not the VMWare hack, it was installed on the notebook, so presumably the source has access to a legit copy of the OS. Next, it supposedly installed without a hitch, and everything down to the wireless card worked like a charm. Lastly, it was an AMD64 model, from the look of it, and it is most likely this one. Hmmm, that is interesting,” Demerjian writes.

Full article with photos here.

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  1. As someone who stupidly invested in an HP laptop before I got my first Mac,(ignorance was bliss), I would love to try this out on my HP.

    I know it’s not the real thing and all, and by the time the Intel switchout happens I will be able to get a new Powerbook, but I would still love to try it.

    I tried to get the files from a torrent and it turned out to be a hoax. Guess I will have to wait like everyone else.

  2. Just a thought here. But one of the big shots against the Mac in Enterprise is that they are locked into one Manufacturer.

    What if there was more than one source for the hardware? Great. Let’s just buy from the best hardware manufacturer. What? It’s Apple? ok, that’s fine, but we have a second source incase we don’t like dealing with them in the future.

  3. So this is just confirmation that the switch to Intel was really just a switch away from a PPC-only OS. The full version of Leopard will be able to run on any hardware that Apple chooses: Intel, AMD, or PPC.

    What this means for Apple hardware is really the only interesting question to me. I hope that Apple maintains its position at the top of the design curve, because that (along with OS X, and the reliability of the hardware-software integration) is why i buy their computers.

  4. macnut222 & MacMDStudent,

    There are some nerds/hackers/hobbyists who want to do something that hasn’t been done before. Just look at the efforts to run linux on any device w/ suffcient computing ability. There have been efforts for years to run OS X on a PC (PearPC/CherryOS) but it was a long, annoying battle. Now that Apple has released x86 compatible binaries, hacking/cracking OS X to work on generic x86 hardware seems like a obtainable goal.

    I’m sure Apple will implement some interesting protections against hacks. But, there will always someone who wants to try anyway. A few people will work really hard just to prove it can be done, and they will share their end result with the world via the internet.

    Since there is a lot of x86 hardware out there, a version of x86 compatible OS X in the wild would be welcomed by many people. These are the people without the $ to buy a mac or those who simply won’t buy one.

    (sorry for my spelling/grammar)

  5. Microshaft must be sh*tting their pants that Apple has resorted to drug dealer tactics. Give them a free taste, but hook them for life.

    Have to admit, using Mac OS X is a pleasure compared to Windows, it must be a b*tch going back.

    Notice Apple put out the “try the Mini for free” tactic now?

    Apparantly everything doesn’t work on the pirate copies.

  6. lets see…..

    OSX runs on any x86, lets give the older 10.2/10.3 versions away for free, resorting to

    “…..drug dealer tactics. Give them a free taste, but hook them for life (care of MacDude)

    and any version from 10.5 on, has features that only run on Mac hardware


  7. AMD and OS X are a natural pair. The worlds best OS and the worlds best CPU. It will be a while before Intel has anthing that can touch the Athlon 64 X2 or even the FX-57. The best should be paired with the best. Picking Intel just because of their market share dosen’t make anymore sense than picking Windows just because of it’s market share.

    But I think what really burns the Mac faithful, (read zelots), is not the soiling of their sanctified OS on non-blessed hardware, but that it runs better on the x86 platform than on the PPC.

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