The Missing Sync for hiptop 2.0 released, supports Apple Mac OS X Tiger

Mark/Space has released The Missing Sync for hiptop 2.0 which synchronizes your contacts, calendar events and to-do information between your hiptop or Sidekick device and Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal applications. The Missing Sync uses Mac OS X technology to synchronize your data with the hiptop or Sidekick Web-based Desktop Interface. Any changes are then transmitted right over-the-air to your hiptop or Sidekick.

System Requirements
• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or 10.4.2 or higher
• Mac OS X Server is not supported
• iSync 1.5 or later – free download) (required for 10.3.9)
• Internet access (dialup, DSL, Cable modem, T1, etc.)

• A T-Mobile Sidekick or Sidekick II
• A SunCom hiptop or hiptop2
• An active wireless hiptop or Sidekick data plan

The Missing Sync for hiptop 2.0 costs US$29.95. More info here.


  1. They put a lot of foundations into Mac OS X. If Apple starts supporting this all natively, we’ll hear the “Apple eats their young” tirade again.

    MW “take: as in, that’s just my take on it.

  2. If you need compatibility with Mac OS X and your Palm/Phone/HipThing, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. Check Version Tracker.

    The “software”, a set of plugins my friends and I purchased from Mark/Space was extremely buggy and overpriced. In addition, their upgrade policy sucks.

    Mark/Space reminds me more of M$ than any other “Mac” developer.

    Buyer beware!

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